Friday, May 30, 2008

The Story of Lily

Hey guys, I'm back. Well I have a story to tell you. It's about my filly Lily. This poor foal has more strikes against her than I've ever encountered before. First she gets trampled and beat up by would be mothers. She has Monkey mouth, she had a contracted front tendon ...which has since been fixed and the good thing is she has great straight legs, although that may not make any difference as to her future. The vet says she has a slight case of Hyperthyroidism, she says normally they die or she recommends euthanising. You can see in one of these pictures the little girls knees, they are both swollen. She doesn't appear bothered by it. She has a healthy appetite she plays and is a very happy little thing. In three weeks she will go to the vet for x-rays of her knees. These x rays will show if the bones are growing properly...if they arn't, then I guess I have to make a decision about what to do with her. If she is going to have some quality of life then I guess she will be a lifer with me. I love her already and will give her a home with me until she dies or I do, whichever comes first. I have had the opportunity to have quite a few foals I have liked them all but this little filly is special there is something about her that is different. I feel she was given to me for a reason .....don't know what that would be but she really is a gift and one I will cherish even if ......don't even want to think it...... but even if she doesn't have a long life. Anyhow I don't want to type about this anymore, I am hoping the little darlin gets a good vet report and we will go from there. Sorry the pictures arn't to good, the little bugger won't stay far enough away to get a decent pic. The other day I managed to get a picture of her nostrils....that was nice. Anyhow stay tuned for some new pics of the colt, he is getting quite big and what a beauty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lily and Jake

Here are some
shots of Lily and Jake

I tried to type under the pictures to tell you a bit about the babies but it wasn't working, so you get what you get. The top 2 are Lily and the bottom 2 are Jake. Lily is very girly and sweet. Jake is all boy and typical of boys, a real brat. The mares are getting better about being so close. I am going to give them some more time and then they will get moved into the same pasture. I spend time in the pen with Jill and Jake everyday and she has gotten a lot better, not running away. Jake is getting more interested in what I am up to and gets closer, I have been able to pet him a few times. I will keep plugging away at it. Lily on the other hand is easy and fairly manageable. Well enough baby talk, I could go on all day. I have to get moving, lots and lots to do. Later have a great day.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I have decided to name the wanted one Lilly. Don't ask me why because I don't know. It just kind of popped into my head. She's a nosy little thing and has to check out everything.

After roaming around and nosing into everything she can find she has decided to take a nap, after all being a baby is a hard job. Right after the big yawn she just dropped to the ground and that was that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mares and Foals

Well calm at last, maybe I shouldn't say that, Murphy's law and all. anyhow to continue the story of Jade and Jill. Jade is now relaxed and very happy with her baby, which by the way is the sweetest little filly ever.......of course I'm biased, she really is a doll though. Jade foaled in the wee hours of Thurs. morning. After the big war Jill ran around all day acting crazy. Late afternoon she had calmed down considerably. In the wee hours of Fri. morning Jill had her own baby a black colt that is going to be a blue roan, he already has the white hairs around his flanks. Everyone seems healthy and happy, they all have their right moms. The mares are now penned across from each other, they are allowing themselves to get a little closer every day. I guess they aren't mad at each other any more.....well not as mad. So here are some baby photos they look like twins. The filly is 1/2 morgan and 1/2 Canadian. The colt is part Percheron, Quarter/ and a little Mustang. At this point they look like they came from the same parents it is uncanny. The looks will change with age. The two top pics are the filly....can't think of a name yet. and the two bottom pics are the colt. Anyhow that's it for today. I have to go open up the Greenhouse before everything starts to wilt. Have a great day guys. Later.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well I had an interesting morning.
For those that don't know, I have
been waiting for one of my mares to foal.
Last night early morning one of them did.
I looked out there this morning and saw
the mare, and no baby. So I went about
my business, got a phone call and while
talking on the phone looked out again and
there was baby. I went out to check to see if everything was ok, the mom was not
very nice and also didn't seem happy
about feeding her baby. She definitely
didn't want me around..... too bad though
I got right in there and was petting baby
and she was nickering away. After watching
them for awhile I began to notice that things
weren't quite right, the other mare was
extremely upset, she was running around crying and just totally out of character. I think she thought I was going to help her in some way. As soon as I got near the baby she came running over and then Jill decided she was going to hurt her.I noticed then that it looked like Jade had foaled and not the other mare. Jill stole her baby from her and everytime she tried to get near her Jill would attack. Anyhow I can't get into all the details or we will be here all day, suffice it to say Baby Wanted is with the right mother now and both appear to be doing well. Jade is still quite upset and jumpy, can't say I blame her, that blue..... layed a pretty bad beating on her. She didn't give up that baby without a fight. Funny thing is though, until Baby came Jade was the boss of Jill. Anyhow I managed to get the foal in the barn, Jill almost killed me in the process I put Jade with the foal and then ran around opening and closing gates until I got the she devil away from the barn. That is one scary horse. I hope she doesn't have issues when she foals cause I think I will be staying my distance for a bit. Not really, isn't a mare out there that is going to keep me from the foal.....but I'm not kidding......... S C A R Y !!!!! Well maybe now she will have her own baby. The way she's running around out there who knows? Well enough excitement for me. I have to go check and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Color for Shirley

Ok Shirley here is some color
for you. Soon to be in your future.
Spring is here so they say.
Who is they anyhow,
I've always wondered.I am still
heating the Greenhouse.
I need to be able to
put stuff out because
I am out of room.
Anyhow I know how much
you like flowers hope
I brightened up your day. Alright you guys I know
it looks stupid. I tried to get it right and lost all my pics,
so what you see is what you get. Later.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Much Longer

This is Jade and Jill. The two prego's.
Neither of these two really wanted their picture taken. Boy it sure doesn't help, when one isn't that great with a camera to begin with and then your subjects don't help. Anyhow these two are not happy being in foal. The Roan is due any day and I don't think she can get any bigger. She tried to run today( chuckle) her tail was flagged and she was a high steppin just all looked a little awkward and in s...l...o...wwww motion, she thought she was pretty hot though (chuckle) and Jade well she really hates being pregnant and she lets me know everytime she sees me with a camera.
Well I will keep tryin for better pictures but I wouldn't hold my breath. later. Happy Mother's Day Mom's. Later.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

For My Fellow Cowgirls/Horsepersons

No pictures today guys" collective" sigh of relief. Today I have for you a piece written by an unknown author. This was sent to me by a friend who has the sickness big time. Thank you Gail for sending this. I don't think I have read anything truer, is that a word ? well if it isn't it is now. Anyhow here goes, by the way I am having to type this all because I couldn't figure out how else to get it here, so here goes, this could take awhile. I think it will be done in stages anyhow here goes.

I ride. That seems like such a simple statement. However, as many women who ride know, it is really a complicated matter.It has to do with power and empowerment. Being able to do things you might have once considered out of reach or ability.

I have considered this as I shovel manure, fill water barrels in the cold rain, wait for the vet/ farrier/ electrician/ hay delivery, change a tire on a horse trailer by the side of the freeway, or cool a gelding out before getting down to the business of drinking a cold beer after a long ride.

The time, the money, the effort it takes to ride calls for dedication. At least I call it dedication. Both my ex -husbands call it 'the sickness'. It's a sickness I've had since I was a small girl bouncing my model horses and dreaming of the day I would ride a real horse. Most of the women I ride with understand the meaning of 'the sickness'. It's not a sport. It's not a hobby. It's what we do and in some ways who we are, as women and human beings.

I ride. I hook up my trailer and load my gelding. I haul to some trailhead somewhere, unload, saddle, whistle up my dog and I ride. I breathe in the air, watch the sunlight filter through the trees and savor the movement of my horse. My shoulders relax. A smile rides my sunscreen smeared face. I pull my ballcap down and let the real world fade into the tracks my horse leaves in the dust.

Time slows.Flying insects buzz loudly looking like fairies. My gelding flicks his ears and moves down the trail. I can smell his sweat and it is perfume to my senses. Time slows. The rythem of the walk and the movement of the leaves become my focus. My saddle creaks and the leather rein in my hand softens with warmth. I consider the simple statement; I ride. I think of all I do because I ride. Climb granite slabs, wade into a freezing lake, race a friend through the Manzanite, all the while laughing and feeling my heart in my chest. Other days just the act of mounting and dismounting can be a real accomplishment. Still I ride. No matter how tired or how much my seat, bones or any of the numerous horse related injuries hurt, I ride and I feel better for doing so.

The beauty I've seen because I ride amazes me.I've ridden out to find lakes that remain for the most part unseen. Caves, dark and cold beside rivers full and rolling are the scenes I see in my dreams. The granite stairway at Echo Summit, Bald Eagles on the wing and Bobcats on the prowl add to the empowerment and joy in my heart. I think of the people, mostly women, I've met. I consider how competent they all are, not a weenie amongst the bunch. We haul 40ft rigs. We back into tight spots without clipping a tree. We set up camp, tend the horse. We cook and keep safe. We understand and love our companions, the horse. We respect each other and those we encounter on the trail. We know that if you are out there riding, you also shovel, fill, wait and doctor. Your hands are a little rough and you travel without make -up or hair gel. You do without to afford 'the sickness' and probably, when you were a small girl you bounced a model horse while you dreamed of riding a real one. Now you are there. I ride. (Author Unknown)

Sorry for excluding the guys but it really was for the girls. Thanks again Gail for sending it along.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life