Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This horse did not want her picture taken
I managed to get one where she at least kept her eyes open. I just don't have the talent for this. You should see some of the shots Shirley over at Ride a Good Horse takes. She has some really nice pics and action ones too, if I try for those everything becomes a blur. Oh well you can tie into her blog from here if you want to see some good pictures. Back to Jade. Jade is 5 this year and bred. She should foal in June. It will be her first foal I hope it goes off without a hitch. Jade does not do pregnant well. If she were a woman I could just hear her now. I won't even go there......but you can just imagine, the moans and groans, every step she takes is such an effort.
Oh and you should see the accusatory looks.
You can see from the second picture that she
wasn't being to helpful. I tried to get some
body shots the other day and she kept
walking away. Anyhow we are having a baby soon. The blue mare Jill is almost ready so it should be any day now. I will post pictures when he or she is born. Gotta run busy day and my coffee is finally ready Later. Have a great day.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Is this not a happy looking critter.
I often wish I was one of my animals
I have been really busy planting lovely green things and watching them grow. I put my roses out today and covered them with a tarp for the night. I am hoping they do OK. They are so nice right now. We have been cleaning and preparing the area around the greenhouse and future store. Shirley I liked your name but I have decided to name the store Country Crossing what do you think? Anyhow stay tuned for photos of horses and new foals. I am not letting myself get excited........well not yet. Have to go it's late and i'm tired. Later. Oh look the same pic twice how do you get rid of that once it's in there .........suggestions anyone ........hello anyone. H....E....L....P

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What? More Snow

Well here I was all happy.I was going to saddle up my mare and get some arena work done.
Mattie is terribly out of condition as she got
ridden count ....not once this winter.
My arena was bare of all snow and has
really good drainage it was bone dry
and ready to go. I got up Sat. morning
and this is what I saw. Talk about
disappointed....what on earth happened
to the beautiful week end weather we had last
week, that flippen Ground Hog or
whatever you want to call him because
I have a few choice names for him in my
vocabulary...... but this is a family blog.
At any rate my arena doesn't look all that
inviting now. Oh well at least I can go
do something else. I'm going to go into
my nice cozy warm greenhouse and do
something creative. See ya all.
Sorry this blog is all over, I still haven't
figured out how to fix it especially when
the preview isn't what you get. Anyhow later.
Have a great day

Monday, April 7, 2008

Old Guy

I couldn't get the new pictures of Moxie to come up.......hey mine is not to wonder why. I told you I am not a computer genius and if that little demon wants my pics. he can have them. So instead I am going to show you some pics. of my old guy. His name is Texas, sorry he's so dirty winter blas and all that also he didn't know he was going to to be posing all over the Internet. Anyhow this is my boy. I have had him since he was 3 did 99%of his training myself and he is now 31 not bad for an old boy huh!!!This horse has been called a lot of not so nice names some of them even uttered by me. In spite of his few falls from grace and I do mean few, he is the best horse I have ever owned or ridden. He will ....well would and I'm sure he
would still try to do whatever was asked of him.
He could out walk anything riding with him
and outwork most horses all day long.
I don't think he even makes horse stature.
He can cut and sort cattle .....climb up and down mountains Team pen .
On a dare because some one said he wouldn't do it I entered him in a trail class they were trying out for the BC summer games. He finished 3rd out of 40, now you have to understand the other 39 horses did nothing but trail classes not real trails but arena trails. We had never done that kind of stuff so it was pretty much new to Tex. If there are any trail class riders out there please don't take offense but man they go sooooooooo sloooooooow, Texas breezed through the course and headed for the out gate he did most of the obstacles at a lope. The lady operating the gate said if it had been a timed event we just won. No suprise there Tex spent a great deal of his life doing one timed event or another. Anyhow he is now a retired old gentleman. I'm sure I will never come across another one like him. And I see I lost a couple of pictures along the way...oh well I can live with it. Later. PS. I added another link in sites of interest. DDS Morgans. If you are looking for a Morgan Dan has some quite lovely and talented stock for sale or even if you just like to cruise websites he has some nice photos. Now I'm really gone.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

At The Beginning

Finally back to horse stuff.
These are pictures of Moxie when she was born and a day old.
In case you didn't know from previous blogs, Moxie is a purebred Morgan. She is coming 4 this year and will be starting her formal training. I am very excited about her getting started. She is an interesting horse with all kinds of personality. Besides the personality though this horse has great movement. She has an easy grace about her, extremely free flowing gaits. Sorry if I don't have the horse lingo right, I just go with what works for me. I have never been a very technical conversationalist so please bear with me. I'm sure all you horse people know what i'm talking about and for those that may not be too experienced my style is probably quite understandable. Anyhow back to Moxie. Moxie is quite athletic, I think she can and will be adept at anything she is asked to do. She is a nice natured horse and really likes attention. Moxie is for sale but I would like to see her started before she goes anywhere else. I couldn't get her now picture on here but I will on the next post. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see a pic. of her now. It is not a good close up but you can sure see how much she has changed. Well fellow bloggers I must go. My greenhouse awaits. I am avoiding having to plant some baskets. But alas I have put it off as long as I can. These particular baskets are turning out to be rather painful, they have the coconut liner and they have to be cut to fit the container and ouch....... I have ripped the skin off my hand in the process. I have managed to get 4 of the 10 I need done. Oh well spring has sprung. Later.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Last bit on change

I know that was supposed to
be the end of the change bit.
Along with all the mistakes the picture of our house disappeared.
So this will be the last of the change segment. I loved it out in that area it was really quite beautiful. They have just about everything you could ask to be surrounded by. Mountains; Water; Trees; Open Spaces and Birds. In abundance, Osprey, Eagles. I used to be able to sit on the front deck and watch the birds fish and hunt and fight. I have seen some dandy Eagle fights. Unfortuneately long before we decided to sell our neighbors sold their place. The place on the other side of the mountain also was being developed. Wardner went from a beautiful sleepy little village to the mountain being stripped of trees to put in a road. They turned the top of the mountain into a Strata complex. Daily you could hear the sounds of big machinery and the that was fun, all of a sudden it would feel like the house was coming down.
When the neighbors sold it brought all of that even closer. The noise and dust and plain ugliness of developement became an everyday occurence. The Osprey that live just across the way are trying to adjust and live amongst all the changes. The Eagles have decided it is no longer a haven for them, it became a place we couldn't live in anymore. All of these thingsare what prompted us to make the change. These pics are of our old house now moved from it's original location. The rocks you see are what I used to see from the kichen and living room. I used to be able to roll over in bed in the morning and see the Eagles sitting on those rocks. I really miss that. It is sad that all of that has changed and a truly beautiful place no longer exists. Well that is it for Change. It is chore time..............Some things never change!!!!!! Later. Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Change Cont.

Good Morning, I guess it is
the sky is blue... there's a bonus.
It is still so much like winter it is definitely getting old.
I saw my first Robin yesterday
so I know Springs coming. I'm going
to finish off the story about change.
Please forgive me if there are a bunch of mistakes in here, I don't have time today to sit here forever and try to fix my you get what you get.Anyhow we sold our place in Wardnerit took less than 24 hrs to sell.
We had no idea what the plan was for the property. The neighbor got wind of the plan for the property and the next thing you know we became bad people. The developers that bought the place have a plan to put 53 lots in there. Some will have Stata type homes and some will be RV lots. The neighbors became angry and put signs all over the place. You can't tell much from the picture but the one is the plan for the property and the other is a sample of what some of the people think about the plan. What is really ironic about the whole thing is that the people complaining the loudest are transplants from other Provinces etc. They say they don't want a bunch of Albertans or others coming in and buying up spots, yet that's exactly what they did. At any rate to make a long story shorter, my part in all this was pretty simple. I found the whole thing sad. Our house was moved and is sitting on a trailer with a for sale sign on it. They damaged it in transit which was only a couple hundred yards. Anyhow enough of this stuff. the moral of the story is. Change is not always a good thing. Some things are better left the same. I had a picture of the house in here but I don't see it anymore..... I think the demon got it. Anyhow enough for now . It was not my intent to write a book. Stay tuned for more on the horses. I have strayed long enough. Have a great day all.

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