Friday, October 30, 2009

Life Made Easier

Life is made so much easier when you have good equipment. For all the horse owners out there I'm sure you will know exactly what I mean. ( Or anyone that lives where it snows)Doing chores around here is a ritual but when winter comes I used to cringe thinking about all the trudging through snow and ice. Below are pics of what I used to do in the winter as compared to now. Push that baby through 2 or so feet of gets old fast.

This is then

This is now

Would you rather have this

Or this.

This job required both
Before we got this beautiful blue wonder machine we had an old and I do mean old David Brown tractor. Everything was so stiff and near broken that I could barely operate the thing(don't get me wrong something is better than nothing) One winter the old David Brown gave up the ghost and left me with no way to move bales around. Thank goodness we were useing small round bales, they only weighed about 500 or so pounds so I could push them around to where I needed them to be.
A job well done(Dave - Thanks) and one that wouldn't be done without Blue. Being able to move these big squares around really makes life easier, we only bring in a few tons of the small squares now.....much nicer for these old bones. These bales fit into the barn nicely and my old guy is still able to get by to go into his stall.
So having put all these pics together reminded me how lucky I am that my life is made easier by having good equipment and not to be left out ........... Dave.............

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Here We Go Again

This was a nice Fall day on Saturday. We had off and on sunshine perfect temperatures, really pleasant for doing things outside.
The horses were co - operating somewhat so I thought I would try for some individual pics. This is Jake, if you go to the Sales Corral you will see a pic of him when he is just a wee thing. (He is no longer for sale) I guess I should remove him from there.
Lily had to make sure she got in on the action, she hates being left out of anything.Not to be left out here comes the boss, Indy makes sure the young stuff behaves. So after having a pretty nice week end????

This is what it looks like out there Monday morning. Pretty dismal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jade and Buster were definitely unimpressed by the whole thing. They just wanted their food.

The bigger group did a lot of running and kicking up their heels before they decided to hunker down and have their breakfast.
The whole crew in this shot. The dogs were really unhappy about the change in weather, I think it must be at times like this where the expression Hang Dog came to be.

This is how I left everybody and made my way back up the house, I won't be doing any outside activities today. If anything it is snowing harder now than it was when I went out. I'm blaming Ed for this, he keeps hoping for snow and it keeps snowing here. Stop that you'll get yours soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Challenge "Landscapes" (FallFoliage)

Good morning fellow challengers. I hope you are all having a nice Sun.

Well guys that's it for me. This was a weak effort on my part. I haven't been anywhere this week and I have nothing archived. I'm sure I will see some lovely photos from everyone else though. Have a great day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Jolly Good Morning

A beautiful sunny morning as seen through the eyes of Sage.

I was feeling especially fiesty this morning I made that Jolly Ball bounce all over the place, it's too bad the air has come out and it's kind of flat. I can really get it going when it's full of air.
But hey what do I care I'm a dog and a toy is a toy! Whew OK I could use a little breather. Hey Janice is going now, oh boy I get to go and make sure those horses behave
Hey that horse is in the wrong place, I'll just do my slow walk up and make her move over.
Uhh life is good it just doesn't get any better than this!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Doggon Good Day

Sunday was a wonderful day, the weather was perfect and the company even better. I went with Shirley from Ride A Good Horse. We loaded up our dogs and headed out to find some sheep. We went to a very nice ladies place that has sheep she also has Tess's Dad. If you go over to Shirley's blog you will see some really nice shots of some good working dogs.
Black and White is such a pretty color. That's Sage in the forground , Shirley Tess and Reba and I think that's Quill behind her. I was very happy with Sage she behaved like a little lady and she actually went out and showed her good breeding when it came to the sheep. She has never seen a sheep and she really wanted to work them, unfortunetly because of her injury she will never be able to really hoan any skills at it but it was a lot of fun anyhow. I want to go out there again and get that lady to teach me how to do this stuff properly. Oh Oh I think I've got the bug.
These two pics are Reba Shirley and .....well the sheep.

This pic is Tess, she's on the far outside....Shirley I am sorry for these pics, next time bring a chain so I can have my hands free and I'll try to do better.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Challenge The Letter "C"

Well this was really a Challenge for me, I went brain dead and Couldn' t find my Creativity. I thought about it for awhile and Came up with the idea to do a Collage of some of the previous Challenges that Ed Created. This is what I managed to Complete as part of the Challenge. I then had the opportunity to speak to Shirley over at Ride A Good Horse and told her about my Confusion,after hanging up the phone I managed to Come up with a few more ideas. This Collage thing is new to me and I'm not too sure how to use it so Cross your fingers and hope it works for me because I have a very low patience level when it Comes to Computers.

Ok you guys I can't figure out how to get my text to properly so you will have to live with some strange writing...typing, but hey I did manage to get the Collage and add some other stuff all to the same Challenge and I got it to auto post......pretty Cool or what. So this one doesn't need an explanation but how about this "Classic Car"

Then while I was having my morning Coffee , right in front of my face is my Condiment Canisters sitting right there on the Counter so I'm pretty proud of myself and thinking uh huh what else Could I Come up with that might be Creative and this is what I got.

Yes I know it's a bit fuzzy but you have no idea how hard it was for me to Capture my Camera, it took quite a few attempts to get this one.

This is the Catastrophic Consequences I usually end up with when I'm playing with my Canon so I felt pretty lucky to get the fuzzy one.

Not to be left out, how about my Cats and my Collie.......really you Can't have a Challenge with the letter " C " and not have Contributed some Cats and a Collie.

So fellow bloggers that's it for me. I really look forward to seeing all of your Creative ideas for this weeks Challenge the letter "C" I'm sure I will see many different Captures. Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What the Heck?

This is what my bottom field looked like last week. I hadn't walked out there for awhile but prior to this snow we had a little bit already on the ground so I decided to start feeding out there. There were quite a lot of bare patches so I know there wasn't a lot of stuff laying around out there however I did notice a couple of strange items on the ground, I never thought much about it, then it snowed and I forgot about it.

In the last week we have warmed up a bunch and so most of the snow has melted from below.
This is what my bottom field looks like right now and this is what I found scattered around all over the place, as I said I know there was a few but this is a little ridicules.

Some of these balls were on top of the spot I fed in a few days ago so I know they are recent. Dave says the crows drop them, who am I to disagree, I have never seen a crow with a golf ball but it doesn't mean it isn't so. It is either the crows or maybe the guy next door is using our pasture as a driving range. I just got a mental picture of a golfer wandering around looking for his ball ....never to be found as it flies off into the wild blue yonder......come to think of it I frequently see golfers that appear to be slightly perplexed about where that ball got to. Now I know where they are. ^^ I find it very humorous that the crows are out there stealing golfers balls Ha Ha Ha.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rare Occurance

OK you guys here is something you will not see very often and only then when I get caught off guard. The reason I am even putting this on a post is because someone got a beautiful picture of my horse, it is one of the nicest pics taken of her under saddle. The larger picture is nicer but this will do. This photo was taken on a ride we went on this summer at the China Wall. The scenery in that area is really pretty, I always enjoy our rides out there. Anyhow the pose Mattie has taken reminded me so much of her Sire so I thought I would show you a picture of him. Sorry they are pictures of pictures but my scanner is not hooked up to this computer so they are a bit fuzzy.

Sorry for the quality of the photos they certainly don't do him any justice he is a very handsome fellow with a disposition all stallion owners work for.( I think he was born with a wonderful disposition ) The owner of, his name is Final Edition (Bud) would just about cringe everytime I got near him, I could not refrain from planting kisses all over his nose. I betcha she did it too when no one was looking. Well that's it for my walk back into you would think it's been winter for months already....... and is it even technically winter yet. I'm in trouble if I'm already wishing it were summer. Later fellow bloggers I have to go hunting for "C's" for those of you that are wondering what the heck is she talking about ......well I'm not telling you. You will just have to check out this blog on Sunday and or go to Sunday Stills Challenge. Have a great week all.

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