Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank - You

Look what came in the mail. Thank you Sherry your calender is very nice....better than store bought...much better.It looks nice in this room it is so color co-ordinated.

This was January which I missed, I'm actually kinda glad...sorry Sherry but it is just so ...well winterish. We had so many pathetic gray ugly days reminding while inside would have been somewhat depressing.

I know this next shot looks out of place but look at what comes after it. This is -29 C but look at the other # When it gets to be -20 F it is just flipp'n cold period. So the next picture makes me smile and warms ya up too.

I see sunshine in Feb. Can you read what is says. " Animals warm our hearts on cold days" in this case cold nights....very true. Around here when you see blankets like those on FV's horses it is made of snow. Sherry your horses are so nice I almost wish I had Appy's. Those dogs are priceless and certainly worth a smile.
This is it up in the compliments the logs nicely. I can't get over how well made it is. Do you do them yourself? Anyhow must run, thank you again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Change In The Weather

This is what it looked like around here on Thurs. It started out not bad a bit of blue sky and then in a flash.... was like going through some kind of paranormal thing ....this is what we ended up with. Friday was a bit of sun and a bit of a breeze not too bad and then Saturday...go figure I give up. I am just hanging in there till Spring.









Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Color My World

Well this was a huge surprise, look at the pretty flowers and all that color...the really great thing is I didn't grow them myself. The reason these were such a surprise is that Dave and I don't do Valentine's Day...ok maybe 13 yrs ago we did the odd little thing, then as years went by we just didn't bother. Neither of us care much about that kind of stuff. Dave brought me flowers once when I worked at the Golf course Clubhouse about 12 yrs ago the guys that were sitting around thought he was in trouble for something was quite cute because I was the one that had annoyed Dave and probably should have done something nice for him anyhow I'm rambling .
So now I guess I will wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and especially to my significant other for still being able to surprise me in such a nice way.I have to say I will have to be really nice to Dave for awhile....he should never shop without his glasses, I'm not going to say what he paid for the Roses but it was pretty much double what he thought they his credit he went ahead and got them anyhow......AWWWWW!!! Thanks Dave you are sweet (and sensitive -private joke you really had to be there) Have a nice day everyone.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Stills Challenge " Spring Preview"

Holy Cow finally!!!!Thanks to server/ comp problems I didn't think this one was ever going to get done....heavy sigh, I am so sick of all this stupid technology...that works sometimes. I think we ....the world in general would be better off if we had never gone beyond the horse and carriage. Well whatever that's just my opinion....I'm crabby about stuff right now so beware. Anyhow back to this weeks challenge Spring Preview. Ed's challenge was for us to pull stuff from our archives that depicted Spring/ Summer shots, anything warm and with some color, without snow /ice /sleet. I think you get where he's going.

A basket from the golf course last Spring/Summer

A Kootenay Backcountry Horsemen Spring BBQ, don't let the sky fool you it was a beautiful day.

A shot from a ride I went on across from Wardner where we used to live.
Sage and Tucker enjoying a Summer swim down at Cherry Creek.

Ahhh horses without all that ugly dirty winter hair, does anyone recognize the two blues in the blue halters. Look at all that green and the campers in the background...recognize that spot Shirley... Crystal.
Some Bighorn sheep grazing in the sun at the China Wall.

Jean and her Mules enjoying a Summer ride

And last one of my favorite containers I did for the golf course.

Well that's it for me I'll check you all out later ....if this stupid thing will let me. Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Sam

A few posts back I used part of my Sideboard in a Sunday Challenge ( Circles) Sam from 5 Starrs Farm left a comment saying she would like to see the whole here it is, sorry for the poor pics you can't really see how much detail there is ....there is a lot of stuff on here that could have been in that challenge as far as circles go. Maybe when it's a lot cleaner I will take a better pic of it. Anyhow this is for you Sam.....By the way I'm still wanting to move into the middle of your header........well a body can dream can't they.........

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Stills Challenge " Emotion"

This week's challenge was a hard one.....well at least for me...we'll see if it was hard for anyone else. The challenge is Emotion but not our own. The idea is to garner emotion from the viewer...not sure I pulled it off. I had to go to the archives, some of the ones I would have chosen would not up load so here is what you get. The dawn of a new day.


The wound Jake got in his leg last year. If you look close you can see the vet has her tool all the way through his leg.

This last one has nothing to do with the challenge, it is the color I promised to put in my posts until there is some out there on it's own. If it elicits an emotion from you cool....kill two birds with one stone.

Shirley I had other flower shots just for you but this stupid computer ate them and I wasn't about to start over....sorry next time. Well that's all I have.....I know weak. Have a great week. Later.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life