Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time Marches On

I lead a pretty boring existence and I have to say for the most part I like it that way. I have my routine and I like things to stay the same ....however every now and again I get a little flutter of......? after all time is running away from me. It seems like just a short time ago these were new things happening ( They may  not  be new anymore....but they are still ongoing)

So this is where we are now ( Closing out 2011)

Kali was a gift from Shirley ( Ride A Good Horse) for my Birthday...will be two yrs ago....already... in the Spring. She has been a gift that just keeps on giving.

Shirley and Sparkle ( Weanling) This is where Shirley breaks my arm and talks me into thinking it would be a good idea for me to take her home.....the horse!!!

Shirley kisses her baby good-bye ....just kidding about the arm breaking...she didn't have to work to hard at convincing me that it was a good idea.

No more baby face
Just about grown
Here we are at the end of 2011 Kali and Jazz are almost grown and going to need to do stuff in the coming year.A few fun things happened this year. I got to do things with Shirley ( Ride A Good Horse) We didn't get to ride but we did other things. We went to the Supreme in Red Deer where I got to meet Sherry ( Fern Valley Appaloosas) and see Crystal again from (Ranch Riding) we also went to the Dog Trials and I went to the Auction that they did. That's the most stuff I've done in a long time. I guess I will have to make a New Years resolution (s) More riding, more fun, more friend things. One thing I can do now though is wish everyone that reads this blog.

 A Very Happy- Safe - Prosperous  New Year

Friday, December 30, 2011


Well I'm fooling around with my Christmas present. Yes I got a new the problem is I don't know how to use it. This morning I thought I would go out and try the action shot mode ( Sports) I like the camera and if I ever get it figured out I may even get some good pics. Something to get used to is the size of the thing...I'm used to slipping my other camera in my pocket, this one bounces around and gets in the way....probably not the one to take to do chores with but that's when the critters run around and make for some interesting shots. So a few things I have found is this camera has very little zoom capabilities,  if the subject is right there that doesn't matter much though. I did find that it will take that action shot and doesn't get fuzzy if you move along with the subject. So here's Jazz coming.
I followed along with her as she went up in the can't really tell but she does have all four feet off the ground....( not quite Beamerish)but almost.

Then she spun around and did a few circles
And then she wound down to a standstill....I'm sure she was thinking she deserved a breather.
So a few things I found out, my old camera would not have taken these pics without either being fuzzy or having missed it altogether, the new camera not as distinct and crisp as I would like....guessing that's the operator and not the camera. I'm thinking that it would be a good idea to go find some courses that teach photography ....or the basics of cameras...if there is such a course.
I didn't get a chance to bring this any closer because I needed to take the shot fast and I had to give the dogs heck for harassing the horse. All in all I think I will eventually get to liking and hopefully taking some decent shots with it.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays

This is one of my favorite Holiday greetings.My Mom sent me this a couple of years ago ...I think, I love it and  watching it a few times has given me a little bit of Christmas cheer back....must be the song. I will be leaving this up until Christmas ( day) is over. Turn it up and enjoy. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not Today

I just don't have it in me today for storytelling but Texas will be back next Tuesday. I will leave you with a few pics of him though, taken just the other day ( Sun) Tex will be 35 in the Spring.
That face, what will I do when I don't have that to see every morning. That is a day I just can't think about.It's coming and I know it has to but man...just thinking about it makes me cry. Later...See ya next Tues.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesdays with Texas Chapter Seven ( It Became A Tradition)

So Chapter 6 was a little bit about Tex and a whole lot about me. Not a lot happened for awhile because I was still a walking mess I was unable to get a whole lot done. Everyday I got a little stronger and was able to spend more and more time with Tex. I managed to get in a lot of short rides as that was all I could handle. When I first started trying to ride again I got blisters I'm sure you can imagine where and anything with seams on the pant legs would rub my legs raw....I started riding and well just wearing sweats.....much better, it took about two years for me to get back to normal....well almost normal, I still have issues that have hung in there but you get used to that kind of stuff and just carry on. Along the way Rick And I purchased a really nice 10 acre property, by then I had another horse so we moved everything over to the new place, it was so nice... peaceful and somewhat private kinda place.I was now at a point where I could ride longer and..... better more hanging off the side....trying to figure out why my horse kept trying to put me in the ditch. I have to tell you this. When Tex was still at my Moms and it was some of my first rides we would be going along the side of the road and he would keep going in the ditch....I would keep correcting him and then back in the ditch we would go, it used to make my arm sore just correcting him. I would get so frustrated with that horse and then I clued in....the horse was doing exactly what my body was asking him to, all my weight would fall off to the right side and my left leg would be up against his side( I couldn't feel it) but he sure could so I guess he's thinking stupid woman want to go in the ditch.....the ditch it is. When I finally figured that out and quit being mad at my horse...I was kinda proud ...just a bit... I had trained that horse better than I thought. The good thing that came out of that was I had to make a conscious effort to ride better balanced and along the way managed to learn not to rely so much on my legs. Thanks to Tex being such a good fellow I was able to learn how to ride a different way...he also learnt how to take my cues differently we became a team of sorts and managed to get by quite nicely.
This was our first winter in the new place and I was so excited about going out and getting a Christmas tree. I had to go find old photos so please forgive the not so good pics. To change the subject here a bit,while looking at these pictures I was surprised that I remember all the stuff about Tex but I can't remember whose child is on the horse with me and for the life of me I can't remember what flippin dog that is in the background.

Anyhow back to the tree

My friend Shirley and I went out and cut down  the tree, I have to say it was pretty gruelling...still not super strong, by the time we were done I felt a lot like Gumby but boy was it worth it. Shirley and I got really a beautiful tree. It was quite entertaining on the way back. Shirley was riding my other horse which had belonged to her for a fairly long time..big beautiful Buckskin ( Dandy) Now I never even thought about it when I tied the tree on behind Tex...none of us had done this never occurred to me that it might rile anybody up. Tex was good.... his usual laid back self took right off through all that deep snow and never batted an'd think it was old school to him.  We hadn't gone far when I could hear a big rukus behind me....there's Shirley doing everything she knows how to keep that horse on the ground. I had no idea what his problem was. She finally gets him calmed down and away we go sooner do we get moving and Dandy's thrashing around and being a total jerk. We finally clue in .....he was terrified of that tree moving through the snow....he 'd damn near stand on it as long as it wasn't moving....but as soon as Tex would start pulling he was air born.....must have thought it was some giant green fire breathing horse eating monster. Now I gotta tell ya I thought it was amusing....however Shirley not so much. Here I was sitting on this perfect little gentleman laughing my face off and Shirley was doing everything she could just to stay on......(I get why she got a little crabby )( Not Shirley from Ride A Good Horse the other one) Anyhow as long as she stayed well back, the rest of the ride home was uneventful. For me the experience was great Tex was such a good boy, he stood while we chopped down the tree...he stayed patient while I tied it and then tried to get on with the rope going every which way. He dragged that tree home like it was a was a fair sized tree. He proved to me once again that he would do whatever task was asked of him. So Christmas tree fetching became a bit of a tradition after that. Tex dragged home many more trees over the years is something I really miss being able to do with him....but I'll betcha if I asked he'd still try.                                                               

Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Challenge Today

I decided to opt out on this weeks challenge (Pets) The post I am doing has been rolling around in my head for awhile... the pet challenge kind of pushed it to the forefront.
The Webster's Dictionary definition of Pet. " Any  domesticated animal kept as a companion" So first ,when I think of pets I think of things like Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, maybe Birds, Snakes know what I'm getting at. I don't think of my animals as pets and frankly I kinda find that (term) denigrating to animals in general. I guess there are a bunch of people out there that may find me be it. I am a firm  believer in everyone having the right to their own opinion whether I like it or not. Anyhow to get back to the point of this post.

I have been blogging now since 2008 ...I think. I started blogging because my friend Shirley( Ride A Good Horse) turned me on to it. At first I thought cool, good way to advertise horses and what not. I had no idea how it would grow and become a part of what I do on such a regular basis. I have been amazed at the people I have met through cyber space. There are truly mind boggling people out there, people that have opened up their lives for the rest of us to observe and follow along. We get to see  their children and grandchildren growing and going off to do things with their lives. We get to see how other people Farm (Ranch) and live life daily. We get to share in their joy and (sadly) sometimes sorrow. For those of you that may be like me and don't travel far from home, we get to travel the world, we get to see all the color and experience other cultures without ever leaving the comfort of our homes.....I love it ..if someone had told me how much time I would one day spend on the computer compiling my own posts and avidly poring over the many blogs I follow along with....I would have said not. I would have thought to myself....ya right when hell freezes over. Whew that got to  be a bit of a rambler....anyhow my point is this.
 When I first started blogging I didn't really show that much of myself because after all it was only a tool to be used for my own use. I never said much that wasn't pretty generic. I also never left too many comments that weren't all that generic.....however along the way I guess I have managed to piss some people off...I will not apologize for doing so because it would not have been intentional, I am not the mean girl....don't misunderstand me......I can be mean....but normally am not so without provocation. What I am trying to say here is that I have been feeling like I have no voice , I must be careful what I say or how I say it. I feel like I am just a shadow skulking around the edges of the page...hiding my personality-.. humor or lack thereof... I may not be a person you want to follow along with ....I may be that person you just can't stand or......maybe I am the kind of person you get a kick out of.....maybe I might have stuff to say that you like.....whatever the case may be there is going to be some changes to this blog....don't worry I'm not going to do anything drastic, I just want to get back to feeling like I do this blog for me, if I lose more followers along the way I guess I can live with it.  When I started noticing that I was losing some followers it hurt my feelings ....because I do like that people visit my blog and leave comments I would be lying to say otherwise....but if I have to spend all my time being careful and picky about what I say is it worth it to have them. This is my space and I am going to put on here whatever may come to me......think of my blog as Television.....don't like it .....turn it off. I will also be limiting my comments to others blogs because sometimes I have an actual opinion and as I found out a sense of humor that may not be appreciated as much as I think it should be...(ha ha got ya) Seriously though sometimes I think I am being funny and to others I guess I'm not. So folks that's my rant for the has been coming for awhile....I really do hope some of you stick with me.
                                                          Have A Great Week

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesdays With Texas Chapter 6 ( Life Throws A Curve Ball)

Texas 2008 (31yrs)
                              Chapter 6   ( Life Throws A Curve Ball) or 2 or 3

 Tex settled into his home really well, at first I thought he would be lonely coming out of a herd and being alone......come to think of it he didn't have that many friends over there anyhow. We spent a lot of time together and then crap happened. I vowed I wasn't going to get into personal stuff in this story ....but unhappily it is all part of our I will not dwell on the stuff but just rattle it off ....that way you will understand just why this horse became such an important factor in my life.

I already had issues with an Ex husband so having more chucked my way was a bit heavy...anyhow one carries on. I ended up with some weird sickness and honestly I wasn't all that sure I was going to be around much longer. I ended up in the hospital becoming an unwilling guinea pig...poked and prodded and .......well lets just say I make a terrible patient. Stuff gets a bit mixed up in my head here so I could be off on some of my recollections...but I'll do the best I can. Arrangements were made for Tex to go live at my parents place...still not sure how all that came about ,anyhow one less thing for me to worry about. I don't really know how long I was in the hospital but I was getting worse and not better so I decided if I was dying I was going least then I could see my horse and well you know...Well I was quite a mess, I was so skinny clothes hurt my bones, OK to personal....I will shorten this up took me a long time to be able to get around so Tex was still at my parents place.....(by the way thanks Mom because I'm pretty sure she was responsible for Tex being looked after)

I don't know how much time went by, I would go visit my horse but I couldn't do much....   then the big day came and I decided I was going to go for a ride....and I discovered I couldn't ride.  First I couldn't get I cheated then I had no balance and I kept falling off the side....poor horse didn't know what to make of this development so what does a good horse do....stands as still as a statue....that was my first ride. Somewhere along the way I got better enough to take Tex home again....couldn't ride but at least I could spend time with him..... grooming and well just hanging around.

During this time, many trips to my doctor were made ....nothing good ever came from that.(I have to add here that one of the things I had going on was to do with my legs.I had no feeling in them below the knee so  walking was a bit strange. I used to have to look at my feet to make sure they were actually on the floor )I was more or less told to get used to my condition and my biggest concern...riding.... I was told to forget about that. So for those of you that know and don't know me....those are fight'n words...not ride....not in this lifetime. I believe having Tex at home helped in my recovery...I had to move to take care of him ...and instead of sitting or laying around all day I would go out and spend time with him....he seemed to get that I had problems, he was always very careful where he put his feet, I used him as my support to hold me up and he would never move away and take my support  until I was already moving away from him. He always made himself accessible to have to understand Tex is not a big horse but because I could only use one arm even putting a halter on was tough....he would lower his head so I could just slip it over his ears......Now some of you may snicker here but I truly believe that horse saved my life.....and that wouldn't be the only time.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Challenge "Backlit"

This weeks challenge is to back light your subjects, the examples shown were leaves... so pretty hard to find that around here right now so I thought I would try some other stuff. I'm not sure I have met the challenge but ...I tried. I think it also would help to have light that didn't come in the color of gray.
                Now... you can just see some veins in those ears....well you can if you look hard enough.
 That's it for me....I know weak effort...but really I couldn't find anything like the examples  shown. Well.... and also it probably doesn't help that I have a tendency to march to a different drum. ....hey it's all part of my charm.....and if you believe that.........LOL :)   So I will be expecting to see some cool stuff from you all.                                        
                                                    HAVE A GREAT WEEK 

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