Monday, August 30, 2010

The End Of The Trail

Well this is the last post on the Blogger Trail Ride. I had to throw in this pic of Indy ....what a handsome steed. I think this is the best pic we have of this fellow....very nice even if I do say so myself. This picture was taken at the outfitter's camp as well as the one below.

Crystal and her horse Bailey and Charlene with Ricky
Some of the scenery right around the camp.

This is the girls tent, pretty fancy digs I'd say. It didn't take them long to figure out how to put it up either.

Or down, these girls make for good campers, I think they enjoyed themselves, we could hear some giggling from next tent over.Love those boots...hope that tent is sporting any spur holes.

Well we are all packed up week-ends over ...time to head for home. The road out, sorry for the poor quality photos, it was rainingand I have a cracked windsheild so I was trying to avoid that. The hardest part of taking these pics is the fact that I'm also the sole occupant ....thus the driver ...who really shouldn't be trying to take pics on this road. I finally had to put the camera down when I put a trailer wheel in the much for trying to do two things at once.
Dave( Tucker) leading the way then Crystal and Charlene - Shirley and the Dogs and myself (dogs) taking up last position. Thank goodness for radios...although we didn't pass to much traffic on the way out. It was nice to talk to Dave once in awhile he kept checking to make sure we were ok.

Well that's it for the Blogger Trail ride. It was very nice to meet two really great people and learn a little about their lives. Maybe we will see them again for another ride.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Challenge "Statues And Or Figurines"

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post...hope I don't bore you to tears......maybe you might want to get a coffee. This first one is titled The Babysitter
A young girl and her First Love
Bighorn Sheep

A Rock Foal
A Horseshoe Chef

Some Metal Fish ......don't ask.
These little guys sit atop the beam of the Unique Water Shop

Well that's it for me. See what happens when you don't get enough of these challenges. I'm sure you are saying thank goodness it's over......hey I had more. Have a great day everyone and I will check you out later...betcha there is some good stuff posted. Later

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trail Ride Part 2

Saturday afternoon (tires are bought and changed- ready to go) saddled and ready to ride. !!!Finally!!!
Dave and Indy - Shirley and Beamer
Shirley and Beamer having a bite to eat while taking a look around the Outfitters camp, you see how nice the ground looks around Beamer's feet all green and nice....what you don't see is the multitude of Gopher holes....that area is a broken ankle looking for a place to happen.

Oops this pic should have been on the earlier post.....oh well it's here now. This is our visiting Albertan Charlene and her horse Ricky - Dave with Skookum and Indy ( Skook is a 3 yr old Perch / Quarter and Mustang cross he measures 16.1 ) I guess Dave never followed what he was told ....Admire the tall and ride the small.

After our ride this was a time for relaxing and enjoying a little stress free downtime. Hey do you guys see a theme going on here. This is Crystal from Ranch Riding and look at what she has in her lap.

This is Charlene and look what she has in her lap. Man I thought I was a sucker for this pup. I thought I might have to check their truck before they left. That dog isn't going to know how to walk the way everyone packs her around.

The horses didn't mind having some down time as well. For my horses it turned out to be a stressful week end, I discovered a couple of my nice? well trained horses?? are rather dangerous when they decide to have a bad day....back to the basics I guess.
This is a decent shot of Skookum showing how well he has mastered the hobbles.
Well that's it for this installment I must go to bed. I will try to get the last post of our ride up in the morning.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Trail Ride Part 1

I have to do this post in stages, I should be more like Shirley and do an interesting but shorter versian oh well if you get bored ......the beauty of technology shut me off. The first 2 pics are fairly obvious they are pre- loading yahoo we are going.

Dave and I went in Fri afternoon and got our camp set up, there was already another couple there with horses so they had the corral. It turns out they live just a few miles down the road from us. Later in the afternoon I went back down the road- an hour to wait for Shirley and the Alberta girls so I could show them the way in.These next pics are out of sinc, unfortunately our new friend from Alberta was having tire problems and had to get some changing done. Three flats on one trip is three to many. Where we were is not a good place for flat tires, thank goodness we had a fix it guy along.The 2 pics below are what we saw from our camp when the Alberta rig came limping in. You can get a better versian of this story over at Ride A Good Horse.
These shots were taken at about 8.00 or so pm so the sun was at the top of the mountains and it was getting to be dusk below where we were.This photo was taken the next day, Shirley and Crystal went into Cranbrook where I'm glad to say they received excellent service. They returned to camp with new tires and a new rim. Dave put her tires on, I'm sure she was relieved to know she would make it out safely.I think Crystal and her friend Charlenelike our scenery but I'm not so sure they like how.... you get up close and personal to it. To find out what the girls thought about their week - end wander over to Ranch Riding and see what's up.
That's it for this post I will try for another bit tomorrow. Hey I saw a few posts from Sunday's Metal challenge - awesome. Later.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weird Sunrise

It was quite smokey this morning and this was a very strange attempt at a Sunrise. Sorry my pics aren't in sequence, my computer won't let me shift them around anymore and I keep forgetting I have to put the ones I want first - last. Did I say that right? Whatever there you have it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Clouds"

This weeks challenge is Clouds should have been easy.Considering I haven't been here for awhile you would think I could come up with something a little more dramatic - sorry as usual I missed it. I didn't know what the challenge was or I would have carried my camera with me. Thursday I saw somw incredible clouds that would have knocked your socks off. I must take that camera with me everywhere..... I keep saying that but I never do. I think it will get broken or lost so I miss many great opportunities. I could have put in some from the last cloud challenge but I didn't want to cheat so this is it. I'll try for better next time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Comfy cat

Now who would have thought this would make a good bed - but hey they are pretty comfortable for sitting, trust a cat or two to make a bed of it. Before anyone can ask...I don't have real names for date I just call them girl cat and boy cat - yeah I know but so far it works. Shirley see the little half moustache now.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Funny Girl

This was going to be my Wordless Wednesday .....but I missed Wednesday - and anyhow who could stay wordless when it comes to this pup. Is it just me or does she do it to you too. I just smile everytime this pup comes into view, of course she's usually doing something goofy that makes you want to laugh. I was looking out the window....thus the kinda fuzzy shots when I saw Kali fit herself into the container - with room to spare, I had to run to get the camera....uh an opportunity not lost for a change.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Of A Kind

Sage has finally relented and decided it's much more fun to play with the the pup rather than work so hard to ignore her. I must say Kali makes it almost impossible to ignore her though. Sage still puts her in her place when she gets a little carried away....which is somewhat frequently, she must feel like she's getting it from everyone, Kali has a tendency to get wound up after playing with the dogs and then she's just a bit rough when dealing with the human other words she gets put in her place....again. She is sure growing, she adores Sage and is trying to be just like her, it's pretty cute to see her trying to follow Sage everywhere she's kind of like the little brother or sister you couldn't get away from.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life