Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poor Poor Pup

Poor Tucker. I think we will have to keep all our dogs as Lawn Ornaments from now on. Usually all the dogs come with me to feed the horses in the morning, lately they have been staying up at the house all except for the pup Tucker. He follows along behind the Quad, I watch to make sure he stays out of the way. Well guessed it.... something bad happened- no I didn't run him over with the Quad but the horses caught up with him, they were on one path and we were on another. It looked like everything would be OK then at the last minute the horses changed direction and started following us. Buster Dave's big Bay horse either kicked him or ran him over. When I heard the yelping I turned around just in time to see Buster bucking over Tucker's head. So to make a long story short Tucker has a broken leg. He is limited to how much he's allowed to move around playing.....yeah right how do you stop a puppy from playing. He will have that thing on his leg until next week. Tucker won't make it through any metal detectors cause now he's sporting some screws and wire in his leg. He seems to be OK. The people in the Vets office really like him. If you look closely at his cast you will see a star. He's gone from plain puppy to superstar.....we'll never keep him quiet now.


Shirley said...

Poor pathetic little boy! I'm sure, however that he will thrive on the extra attention and lovin' he'll get!

Janice said...

He's already let it go to his head.Animals sure know how to use that pathetic card.

The Wife said...

I had an accident with my put this week too. He went out to feed the cattle with me and a angry momma cow got him. Don't think it broke anything though. He's gettin' around lots better today.

Glad he's okay!

gtyyup said...

Awwww poor Tucker!! Stuff just happens so quickly doesn't it! Sounds like he'll heal up nicely...

Flo said...

Oh, poor Tucker. He looks just like my Rocco. Hope he's better soon.

Ed said...

AWWWWWW! But he sure is diggin' that bone...:-)

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