Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mad At Myself

When I got up this morning I expected it to be like any other, the sun was shining the cats were basking on the porch. I went and got my first cup of coffee and was just settling down to enjoy it, I could hear the horses out front running and Tucker was barking furiously. ( Locked up in his kennel)I got up to investigate, it took me awhile to find anything unusual. I could see something on the other side of the poplar stand but I couldn't see what it was. It kind of looked like a dog or dogs fighting or something rolling Icouldn't see enough of it to figure out what it was. I should have let my curiosity get the better of me.I didn't want to put myself in a position of no way out. We have had quite a few bad bears this year, I wasn't to keen on finding out if that's what it was. This is where the mad at myself comes in (It's coming)I stood on the porch for quite awhile waiting for whatever to come out of the cover ....finally it did, it was a coyote it stood for a bit watching me then it ran away behind some bushes....then it started skulking it's way back. I thought it must have something in there.I stood quietly and watched him go back into the cover of the trees and then he came out with something in his mouth. I knew it was a fair size and heavy because the SOB had to keep putting it down, it wasn't until the sun hit him that I could see the color of what was in it's mouth .........that #AS#**D had my cat. While I was standing on the porch trying to figure out what was in the bushes George was engaged in a fight for his life which sadly he lost.

It has always been my belief that all living creatures have as much right to be here as I do, it still is but ........the coyote and bear and even the deer around here are starting to get really aggressive they have a bajillion acres of almost untraversed land filled with food and able to live in their natural they don't need to hang around populated areas and act like theiving weasels. When Dave comes home we are going shooting, he can teach me to use the .22 and I am going to become the killer. I'm pretty sure I have lost cats to coyote's before but I have never stood and watched the know what cart them off, it's not really something I want to see again either. Anyhow that's why I'm mad at myself....I pretty much just stood there and waited for it to happen.Part of the reason I didn't act on checking it out is because they weren't making any noise, I would have acted had I known something was in trouble. At any rate George will be missed he was quite a character, he survived 11 years of coyote's.


fernvalley01 said...

So sorry , but you know being angryat yourself is a bit futile. Once the Coyote had a hold of old George it was a done deal ,they do so much damage so quickly I doubt he would have made it . Again though so sorry he looked like a sweet old puss

IanH said...

You may want to consider something a little more powerful than a .22. They tend not to get within the 30 to 50 yards very often. You don't want it to suffer, even if it is only a coyote. Try a .270, .308 or the old '06.

2manyhorses said...

So sorry to read about George. Don't be too hard on yourself though. It would all be over so quickly that you wouldn't have been able to do anything. And thank goodness that it is over very quickly. Poor George probably didn't know what got him.
Again, sorry.

Janice said...

Ian that is part of the problem, these pests are not afraid. I have had two so far that were not more than 10 to twenty feet from me. This one was further but I am going to become a very good shot. I chased one away the other day and it was cheeky enough to come back and yip at me.

CTG Ponies said...

So sorry to hear about George.

Shirley said...

The ba#$%&*^$rd!Poor George. I'd be laying for that coyote, especially with a new puppy around. Fill the air with lead, girl! Don't beat yourself up about it, you couldn't have known without walking right up to it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's horrible to have seen it happening.

I once saw a cat being torn apart by a pack of dogs when I was a child. It was terrible!

One of our cats snuck out of the house last summer and was attacked by coyotes. He managed to escape with just the loss of several of his claws as he climbed a tree to get out of their reach.

We tried to keep him inside after that, but just a month later, he snuck out again and refused to come back in at night.
Stupid cat. Our chickens are smarter than he was. They always go back into their coop at dusk.

We never saw him after that and I'm pretty sure he was taken by coyotes.We see them and hear them every night. Our other two cats are strictly indoors.

I can't blame the coyotes, though. They lived here before our house was built. And I can see why they'd hang around humans. Given a choice between hunting a lean, fast rabbit and a fat, slow cat, the choice is easy.

Sorry for your loss.


Merri said...

very sad!! A coyote got our neighbor's skipperkee (sp!) last year. I always worry about our cat... she used to be gone for days, sometimes weeks at a time. now, thankfully, she's decided for whatever reason to become a total house cat.

Crystal said...

Oh no! poor George. Not good when those coyotes get so brave to come that close to the yard. Even just shooting at them helps, they need to learn to stay away.

Dave said...

RIP George i think a 22 Mag is in order when I get home.

Linda said...

Sorry about old George. We Get them coming to close here and we shoot at them but the dogs seem to harass them enough not to.

DayPhoto said...

Oh, man! That is next to horrible!


DayPhoto said...

I couldn't stop thinking of this post. My heart is so sorry for you. Please don't blame yourself, I agree the the others it was probably over faster than you could have gotten there. I just hate those nasty critters, they are sly and lazy and vicious. They have yipped at me and even ran alongside as I moved along on the four-wheeler heading home after changing water. I could have shot it, but it knew I didn't have a gun.

Once I blogged about the damage a coyote does and some one wrote back if I fed them (the coyotes) then they would probably live our animals alone. Weird clueless person.


gtyyup said...

I'm so sorry's probably the same damn coyote that you posted about last month! I've yet to kill one, but that doesn't mean I haven't tried.

IanH said...

If they come in that close, then the good old 12 guage with buckshot would be ideal. That close, and not afraid, I would be worrying about any children in the area.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor George..the coyotes around here are getting braver as are the Eagles. I shudder to think of the cycle of nature..there was probably nothing you could have done..:(

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