Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here is a recent photo of Callie, she is doing well......not so much with her lessons but she tries. She is far too cute and mostly sweet and I find it really hard to disipline her.....but I try. I think she will grow to be just as nice and well behaved as Sage is....but look at her.... I do try really.

This is the new little girl kitten and her brother below. After that rotten Coyote took my George cat Mikey was pretty lonely so I went and got him some kittens. I thought he would be more agreeable to kittens rather than a cat.....he isn't but he his coming around some and he's not acting so much out of sorts....he really missed his brother for awhile, he walked around crying and looking for him ....poor thing. Anyhow the newcomers are fitting in nicely, they really like it here and are already running around like they own the place..... yup they definitly fit right in.


fernvalley01 said...

Cuteness abounds! and I see you tie gates with that expensive stuff I use!

Crystal said...

Aww those kittens are sure cute! Specially the orange one.

Shirley said...

How cute! Look at that puppy! I see what you men about the white eyebrow, and the stand up ears like her daddy. Can't wait to see her again!

Janice said...

Sherry I was hoping nobody would notice. It's actually holding a panel up against the original fence....we put that there when Jazz came just in case.

Sarah said...

Very cute kittens! I like the orange one!
I went to the KY Horse Park this weekend and they were hosting the Breyerfest show. Lots of breeds and breeders. I hunted down the Bluegrass Morgan Horse Assoc. and spent some time talking to them about their horses and the breed. They were by far the friendliest out of all the representatives there, park staff included! And their horses were pretty much the friendliest too. If I wasn't already sold on Morgan's I'd definatly be a fan now!

Sydney_bitless said...

Cuties!! I love them when they are little and innocent.

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cute! I also make use of that same expensive stuff! I find it to be quite useful. lol

CTG Ponies said...

Oh my, that's a whole lot of cuteness in one place!

DayPhoto said...

Very cute! I would have a hard time with that darling pup also!


Ed said...

Cuteness factor +10, just keep a wary eye out for the coyotes..:-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute new kittens..and that pup..well she is something special! :)

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Callie is so cute - you can't beat a BC!

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