Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

This is Dave hard at it. Every time he's home he is out cutting wood, this is how we heat the Greenhouses. I'm sure he is getting sick of it, at any rate he gets the job done. He came home one day with this log splitter....greatest thing since sliced cheese. It makes his job much easier and it is way easier for me to handle those logs once they are split.....the joys of ageing painfully.
Anyhow if you follow the pics you will see why the title.

What a wonderful machine it doesn't take him long to get a good pile going.

All of this makes the next step possible.This pic is my first plants of the season made from seed...seed from last years Millet.

These are a few of the plugs I ordered. ...more on the way.

All these little guys...(well not all, some will be potted up for retail sales)and the rest will grow on to this stage.......and bigger. Yay Dave thanks for keeping up with the wood.


Linda said...

I imagine having a greenhouse is a LOT more work on "springs" like this one:(

Shirley said...

I just. can't. wait. for spring and happy little growing flowers, and green grass instead of snow! Thanks for that last photo! The log splitter sure makes life easier. Ted is building one from scratch, so we won't have it till we start on next winter's woodpile.

Sarah said...

ok, this post had material to make both me and my husband jealous. He misses the use of my Dad's log splitter. We want to get one some day. They are truly marvelous! And I'm just green over your green house and all your spring plantings! NEver thoguth about heating a green house with wood. SOunds like a lot of work! But a good idea!

fernvalley01 said...

glad you fopund a way to make it a bit easier, still an awful lot of work though.

DayPhoto said...

YAY! A log splitter! It's nice to have help, it really is.


gowestferalwoman said...

Holy Moly!!! You are the QUEEN of greenhouses - I bow to your greeniness!! WOW

Rising Rainbow said...

I could use one of those splitters. Pretty darn cool.

I didn't know greenhouses could be kept warm this way. Very interesteing.

gtyyup said...

Look at the flowers!!! There IS hope!

Anonymous said...

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