Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Far Behind Or All Caught Up

Well here I am ...it took awhile. I think I have been compiling this post for about a month or longer, between being really busy and this ----so and so ----machine I just haven't been able to get it done. I will try to hurry before it quits again. I think I have caught up on the challenges or pretty close anyhow, so here they are and a few other things too. The last challenge was the sky ...or what may be in it? I will direct you further down the page to the welcome visitor,that covers that challenge nicely. Directly below is the challenge of the over head / under shot. I think the first one needs no explanation
You all can figure this one out I'm sure.

There was the challenge of doorknobs/handles. This is my bedroom door handle

This one is the Entrance way door handle ( very hard to replace when it breaks by the way)

This is one of the latches on my sideboard( sorry for the bad pics...my camera is very unhappy)

The next two shots would have been a Wordless Wednesday ( a few weeks ago)

That is not my unhappy camera it really did look like that.

Then we had the challenge of Rust

These are a few shots of the colts, we delivered them out to Newgate , just a stop over on what will be a long trip to Whitehorse and their new home....hope they have a good life.

They all loaded -travelled- and unloaded without mishap, I think I always kind of hold my breath( well you know what I mean kinda like shallow breathing) until they get there unharmed

....then you can get that deep breath......mostly cause once they are there ....not my problem anymore. Anyhow I was glad when they landed safely.

This was a very welcome visitor, this particular visitor I don't get to see anymore, they just don't hang out around here. This one is the first one I've seen here in four years.I was in the bathroom and looked out the window and there it was right there in the tree...grabbed the camera and quietly slipped out the door. He /She didn't care it sat there watching me for quite awhile before it took flight...what a sight it was to, He /She glided around up there for a long time before it flew away. this shot works for the In the Sky challenge.

The next few shots are Moxie be ridden by the girl next door....English she's not....I would have to say she found the experience less than appealing. You can see from her expression she was not a happy camper.

And finally the last few shots are from another Wordless Wednesday that never got posted.

Well how did I do....am I still behind or am I finally caught up. Now I have to try to get into some of my favorite blog sites and see what you all have been doing in my absence. Later.


Shirley said...

Well I just love you high/low shot of course! How pathetic are they! I see Kali bats her eyes like her mama does.
Love those pastel mountain morning shots, and those are some fine shots of the eagle!
Glad to see you're back in blogosphere, I figured you'd be really busy with your greenhouse.

Crystal said...

Wow and I thought I was only one who was behind.
I like the dog shot, thats pretty a pretty common sight but not ussually in pictures.
Also like the bald eagle, I saw one not that long ago, but they sure are not common around here either.

Ed said...

Great catchup post, the morning shots are spectacular and the Eagle pics are fantastic!!! :-)

Linda said...

LOL Now you are caught right up! I love the eagles....I even saw a couple here a few days ago;)

5 Starr's Farm said...

Your right up to date, now.....love the dogs and the eagle......those mountains are beautiful.

Ed said...

Great pics, glad to see you are alright, i was starting to worry..:-)

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