Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Game Of Catch -up (Again)

I'm so far behind I think I'm ahead. So here's a few Sunday Challenges,a few Wordless Wednesday's and the Moose just because. We went out for a ride last Sat. and on the way up to Premier there was the Moose, I didn't have time to stop and grab a there was an opportunity lost....not so, must have been a great feeding spot because 5 hrs later there he was in exactly the same spot....must have been waiting for me.

This is from the Challenge "Yellow" I believe that is from last Sunday.

This would have been a Wordless Wednesday....well maybe not so wordless. I live in the weirdest place, it really messes with my sense of direction here. This is the only place I have ever been that you can't tell the Sunrise from the Sunset. The sun rises and sets in the same really does mess with all that's right in my little world.

Miss little cute face, that face just does me in and I am not alone either. Sometimes when customers are here at the Greenhouse Kali endears herself to them....quite frequently.... There was a woman here the other day and Kali gave her her paw and the look....that poor woman was a lost soul....she looked into those eyes and she said OH MY response was yup I know exactly how you feelit gets me everytime.

The last few pics are from a Challenge that must be at least a few or three weeks old now, it was "Potluck" couldn't be archives. In the first pic you are looking at what is going to look like twins in another year or so. This is Jake (3) and Blue ( 1) Jake looked just like Blue when he was a yearling...going to make a great team.

Had to throw in a few flowers.

And last a group hangout, they were hanging out in the shade...avoiding the one day of Sunshine we've had all Spring....not quite but close.


Shirley said...

All that feed around her and the moose has to go underwater to eat- go figure! Pretty cool that you got those photos.
Beautiful sky photo, we haven't had much color at sunset here lately.
Kali looks all growed up now- and what a face! I got that same look from Tess this morning. Totally pathetic!
Do you know if Jake and Blue are brothers?

Crystal said...

Will be a pretty nice looking team in a few years!

I love the flowers, they are so pretty.

Janice said...

Shirley, Jake and Blue are half brothers out of that Black stud Vanna Bud.

fernvalley01 said...

Great pictures! Nice to see you came up for air and posted .I am sure you are very busy these days

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