Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Shades Of Blue"

This weeks challenge " Shades Of Blue" I like it.... my favorite color is of course.... shades of blue. So this is what I came up with.

You can see a tiny line of blue in there....if you look hard enough...hey it is shades of blue....right!!

                              This is Dave's Log like a hot damn.  

The shop

This item was and is special to me, it doesn't look like much now but oh 20 + yrs or so ago it was a thing of beauty. My then boyfriend bought it for me, it was white - beat up and bent all to -h-t ,it was also 10 feet long so they had to shorten it by two feet. My Dad, Bill and their friends got together at my Dad's shop and they made it beautiful it matched the two tone blue truck. You probably are wondering why I would get so excited about such a thing....well when you have no way to transport your horse almost anything that will work gets one a little excited. These guys made it a real project...they took the time and effort and made me a happy camper...I could still use this if I had's called done right!!
And last I just had to add an obvious one was such a pretty shade of blue...don't cha think?

Well I'm done.Check you all out later.


One Fly said...

Sheez - I thought I was the only one that talked like that. I enjoyed this.

Ed said...

Well done, great rainbow shot..:-)

Shirley said...

Oh how I'd love to have a log splitter... hint, hint, Ted.....
I've been enjoying the blue sky too.

dibear said...

Loved all of your blues, even your header! :)

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots, I remember when lots of folks would haul horses with those , just needed a pickup and a ditch and you were good to go

Janice said...

Sherry you made me chuckle with the ditch comment....that would be true if the horse wasn't Tex.I used to take my tailgate off ( it was light and I was strong back then) and he would jump in pretty much landed dead center everytime.

MTWaggin said...

Nice blues yes, even the trailer! :)

Terry and Linda said...

I liked them ALL!!! And I loved the fact you painted your favorite things BLUE!


Crystal said...

Everytime I see stock racks, it always amazes me that horses would jump in them. Guess a hard to load horse was near impossible to get in??

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