Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Sports"

The challenge this week is Sports, in honor of the Olympics.The only thing I wanted to see was the Equestrian stuff...which by the way I have not seen. I saw a couple of horses doing dressage and so far that's it. Considering those events are sold out you would think they might cover it a little better...they seem to ....OK I'm going to stop here because I'm pretty sure if I keep going I'm bound to piss somebody off. Back to the challenge. Sports - You had to know it was going to resemble Shirley's over at Ride A Good Horse after all we just spent 4 days doing the same thing so without further ado....                                                               Cross Country Eventing
Endurance Riding
                                     Works for me. Catch you all later and see whatcha got.                  
                                      HAVE A GREAT WEEK                        


aurora said...

Great photos & post, what a beautiful riding area!!

The Dancing Donkey said...

Wish I'd been out doing some of this. It's just been so horribly hot here that riding doesn't even sound fun. What a beautiful spot for riding.

Montanagirl said...

Beautiful looking animal!

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to watch the equestrian events. but they didn't show much. I caught about ten minutes of jumping this morning. Actually saw the Canadian entry. :)

Shirley said...

Did we win???
I managed to see some of the jumping. Maybe if Will and Kate attended the equestrian events instead of track they would have shown the horses.

Janice said...

dibear - I just missed a replay of Ian Miller but I caught a few of the other countries...better than nothing I guess.

Ed said...

Great shots, love that high country scenery..:-)

fernvalley01 said...

Perfect! I like that Gussie mare!

Eva @View from the Hillside said...

Great shots, sport enough for me.
I saw some cross country (or endurance, don't really know the difference) riding from the Olympics out in Greenwich Park. Looked good. But, being in a different country, our tv-coverage is probably different than yours.

Anonymous said...

Great place to ride and explore. Lucky you :)

thecrazysheeplady said...


Far Side of Fifty said...

Great shots! I like the Equestrian Events too..but so far I have missed them. Looks like you and Shirley had fun! :)

Linda said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. That's so good for horses to be able to go to a different place with different horses. I'm a tad jealous and wish it wasn't so far.

WildBlack said...

Cool shots! Looks like you had lot of fun. :D

Janice said...

Linda Sherry and Crystal my place is not out of reach...Shirley and I are inviting you guys to come out for a few days.You all can stay here and we can get in a few days of riding.

Crystal said...

I like the events in your olympics! So much better than soccer and volleyball.

James said...

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