Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday Stills Challenge "Barns"

This is the outside of my barn.

Now I will take you on a little tour of the inside. I really like this barn but it isn't finished. The previous owners of the property built it, once it was to this stage they left it this way. That's ok though because it is very functionable, we have used it a lot since we have been here. I am spoiled now, if we ever move again I will not be happy with anything less than this(don't I sound like a spoiled brat)Anyhow back to the we go. This is some of the stuff in my barn. This is Mattie. Mattie is a 7yr. old Morgan Mare, she's in the barn waiting to get her new feet. They were cold this morning so we threw a blanket on her and let her warm up a bit. This is Dave and his horse Buster. See how he's looking at the equipment, don't let the look fool you he was well behaved.
I just had to take this one, Vern was working so hard I had to give him a hard time. OK enough of that. I took these pictures without cleaning the barn first so you are getting an authentic look.It is usually not so well...authentic.

I just had to add the cat ....really what barn doesn't have a cat. This cat is a ghost no one ever sees him except maybe as a blur as he's running away. His name is Mikey and he's just a tad anti social. He likes my attention though so he follows me to the barn all the time, this cat has an incredible motor he's purring a mile a minute before you even touch him. Well guys this is turning into a book, so this is the grand tour of my barn it is well used and muchly appreciated.Well I'm done, hope the rest of your week -end is good. Later.


Paula said...

I like your barn, too! Can almost smell the sweet hay, achoo~
Buster is a gorgeous horse!

Holly said...

good job!

MariesImages said...

These are wonderful images of a modern day, working barn ;)

theegggather said...

good shots. shows what it's all about.

The Wife said...

That is an awesome barn. I wouldn't want anything less either if I had to ever move. Great job. thanks for the tour. Glad you were able to catch Mikey in a shot.

Pete said...

Nice shots. Nice to see it in action.

Flo said...

Great shots. Love Mikey :)

You can see what I came up with over at my photo blog.

Andrea said...

I was hoping someone would include a cat in a barn! Great shots!! :)

dibear said...

Lots going on in your barn. Pretty barn as well.

Ed said...

Very cool/functional barn and a great narrative to go along with it..:-)

Carroll Baker said...

Great Barn! love the horses! Can't wait to see more shots.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very authentic! Thanks for the tour! Love that kitty too! :)

Patches said...

Love the kitty shot! Very cute!

CTG Ponies said...

Great barn! Love the shot with the cat.

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