Monday, January 10, 2011

This Was The Plan

Yesterday was Sunday Stills (Challenge) Thanks to whatever ails my computer I couldn't post what I wanted to they are popping up {faster than you can shake a stick}.....where do we get these expressions from. Anyhow the challenge was the letter W...well at this time of the year around here everything is pretty much Wintery Washed out White, of course it doesn't help that I really am not that imaginative either. You will have to forgive me this is the time of year where my brain turns to mush( what brain) and I just shut er down till Spring. So to get back to yesterday and the challenge, my plan was to change the letter W to the word White.....still within the parameters of the challenge....maybe well really ....maybe.....give me a break. So without further ado this is what I would have had posted along with what did upload on Sunday.

It's a Winter White out, looking at it from this side of the computer it really looks like a Winter grey out. Hmmm what shall we call this how about White on Grey.

And below we have White on Buckskin and Bay.

And this is White on Red and Black.

And just to make you really look how about a little White on Palamino

And just to carry this on a bit further what would you say to White on Chestnut and everywhere else you can see.

And this last shot is the barn Waiting for more Work because eventually that White roof is coming down and then it will have to be moved away.

Ok that's can you tell my brain can't seem to do anything that isn't White (I hate Winter) My life is White and grey right now mostly me I had more .........Fridge........ Stove ........Dishwasher.....Toilet paper roll.........Paper towel..........C o f f e e M a c h i n e.
It's called Cabin fever, or maybe it was the letter " W " I gotta go .


fernvalley01 said...

Hang in there hon! Spring will come... won't it?

Kootenay Backcountry Horsemen said...

My sentiments exactly but really it will come ....right Hello....right.........

Linda said...

Wonderful that the Winter White days are getting longer too.

Shirley said...

Well dang! I guess you couldn't put Jazz in this post- she has no White! Oh Well, winter Won't last forever, soon you'll be Whiling aWay your days With all the beautiful flowers in your greenhouse.

Janice said...

Well just thinking about color and heat makes me feel better...thanks

Ed said...

Great shots, think warm and think flowers...:-)

Crystal said...

I like the barn roof, its kinda cool. Winter sure has some good picture oppertunities but I too wish it was over.

denisbc said...

Doesn't Tex look so bright...think of all the winters he's put in, and outside too! You can do a few more Janice.

gowestferalwoman said...

lots of pretty heads there!

I agree; snow on roof may be a pretty picture, but you know its going to go when the sun hits it..and you have to move it before it freezes into one big long rock...ugh!

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