Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank - You

Look what came in the mail. Thank you Sherry your calender is very nice....better than store bought...much better.It looks nice in this room it is so color co-ordinated.

This was January which I missed, I'm actually kinda glad...sorry Sherry but it is just so ...well winterish. We had so many pathetic gray ugly days reminding while inside would have been somewhat depressing.

I know this next shot looks out of place but look at what comes after it. This is -29 C but look at the other # When it gets to be -20 F it is just flipp'n cold period. So the next picture makes me smile and warms ya up too.

I see sunshine in Feb. Can you read what is says. " Animals warm our hearts on cold days" in this case cold nights....very true. Around here when you see blankets like those on FV's horses it is made of snow. Sherry your horses are so nice I almost wish I had Appy's. Those dogs are priceless and certainly worth a smile.
This is it up in the compliments the logs nicely. I can't get over how well made it is. Do you do them yourself? Anyhow must run, thank you again.


5 Starr's Farm said...

That is a great looking calender.....
"Beautiful Wordless Wednesday Photos"

Shirley said...

Those are lovely calenders; she sent me one and I passed it forward to Mrs. Mom who loves Appy's; I have last year's FV calender.
Looks great on the logs! We had our coldest night of the winter here last night; -20C. I'm soooooo glad the wind is gone.

Crystal said...

Congrats! We have had many a cold night here this year and am hoping they are over soon.

gowestferalwoman said...

Looks pretty with the logs!

Its suppose to snow here AGAIN this coming week, and so my guys will look like appys for a little bit lol

But you have us beat; we only had
-24 the other day..but i'll take -24 over your temp anyday - every degree counts ! :o

Horses Are Our Lives said...

What a beautiful calendar! I left you a "Stylish Award" on my blog! I enjoy reading your stories on your blog! Brenda

Ed said...

Neat calendar, I may have to do one some day. Stay Warm..:-)

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you like it Janice, I get them made through Staple. An online program where you place the photos and choose the format and write yourt text.They print them up in about a week to ten days

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