Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hard Luck Pony

I will apologize now for that first pic. It is a poor picture but alas the only one that would upload and go to the right spot......but of course that would happen right..... Anyhow on with the story. Some of you may know of my Mare Jade but here's a bit of a recap. Jade went away for a month of starter training when she was a 4yr old.she was there for 1.5 days before she injured herself (fairly badly) so out of commission for quite some time over a year plus she was in foal so needless to say nothing was done with her, she foaled out ( now that was a story) and slowly healed.Once she was fit I took it upon myself to restart her training( something I am definitely not in a position to do)anyhow that was pretty unsuccessful as she was not a very willing participant.So last Nov. horse is now 7, back to the trainer she goes.By the way unless you are lucky enough to own or have ready access to an indoor arena Do Not Take Horse For Training Just Before Winter. So Jade comes back from trainers with what I am calling a Super Flu.... in spite of my best efforts it was passed along to every Equine on the place with the exception of ....get this ...the most susceptible ....the old guy. I guess he's so old now he's immune anyhow I am getting off the beaten path. So Jade comes home sick and yes of course it's winter....can't ride. So in the Spring ( this Spring) I decide she must get ridden, I was pretty happy with her considering how little she has been used. I thought her sensible, willing and pretty quick to learn......surprise.....not so. My last ride on Jade had me second guessing my assessment of her she is definitely not ready for me and she needs a lot more work so last Monday off to the trainer she went. When you see the pics that follow you may recognize the fellow. He is the guy that did such a nice job on Dave's Skookum horse and also you might remember seeing him over at Shirley's riding Chickory. I told him I am expecting a lot from him and my horse....the time for crap and excuses is over. This horse is now 8yrs old and if she isn't going to have the right kind of mind to suit me then she has to be good so she can find a new home. I will go check them out at the two week mark and take some pics.

This pick was taken last Nov. at about the 1 week mark in her training.

This is the trainer hard at work on Dave's horse. I just can't say it enough ...He did an awesome job on that horse.


5 Starr's Farm said...

Good Luck, hope all goes well....

Shirley said...

Well if anyone can find the holes in her it'll be Terrill.

fernvalley01 said...

Sure hope she comes back good to go! Some horses need a couple more years to amture too , maybe she is settling now

MTWaggin said...

Can't wait to hear about her progress, keep us posted!

Linda said...

I should get his number......I need a good trainer too. If your smart and he's a busy guy you WON'T share him;)))))

Janice said...

Not only is he good Linda but he really does give you your money's worth.....he rides them five days a week with week ends off - hey that's my dream job - and he doesn't ride for a half hour or even an hour ...he rides for as long as it takes for them to get it.When I dropped off my Mare and the neighbors Appy he jumped on the Appy and rode him for a bit better than 2 hrs.....that horse learnt as much in that lesson as I've seen some after two or three weeks. Actually I told the owner she got a months worth of training in 2 hrs. Wow all that to tell you I don't mind sharing.

gowestferalwoman said...

She is a beauty - and its never ever too late for training :)

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