Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Challenge " Potluck"

A friend of mine found this ball at one of those re-use places, they thought the horses would like it.....not!but Sage thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced cheese.

See how up headed and alert these two are.......guess what they are looking at....yup the big ball, Sage had it aimed right at them and it was going at a pretty good clip, Moxie took off so fast she went down in the mud, I'll tell you she didn't stay down long she was up and gone all in one motion....that ball wasn't going to get her. 
The next two shots were taken at Wycliff where the Stock Dog Trials were.Wycliff is in between Kimberley and Cranbrook, it's funny how that area is so different from everywhere else.It is tucked away like it exists in its own little world.
Fisher Peak from a different perspective. This is the mountain range I see from the east side of our house.......hmmm I'm not even going to get into that suffice it to say from this location it looks a lot more up close and personal.

This last pic was taken by Dave on one of his trips with the horses.( White River Area?)

Jade at the two week mark, look at that side pass one handed yet. I'm lov'n it, she is finally learning how to move those feet around and put them where they belong.

This cow w/ owner  was waiting at the Vet Clinic in Cranbrook....nice cow.
The Vet Clinic is almost in the middle of town(no fences or corrals) so there is a fair bit of noise all around, that is the most unconcerned cow I have ever seen and she likes to pose for pics....what a sweetheart.
This little pile of fluff you met over at Ride A Good Horse. Tooooooooooo Cute!

Look at Merle, his whole being is only as big as that pretty Retriever's head. HA HA Ha I kill myself.

Well guys that's it for me all I got...all she wrote. I look forward to seeing what you all put up. Later.
Have A Great Week


threecollie said...

Nice job! Love the ball, horses and all.

dibear said...

Lots of pretty shots. I love Dave's picture, definitely framable. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Fun! Your mare looks great!

Shirley said...

Wow, great selection of photos! That's pretty funny with the halter broke cow.
Dave's photo is nice, I like that corral.
We haven't had a lot of really colorful sunsets this year, guess I'll just have to look at yours!

Jake said...

Great action shot of the dog and ball.

Judy Johnson said...

My horses never want to mess with those balls either! Fun pics of your dogs! That country is beautiful up there,and your photos sure show it!
In my vet clinic days, I would have loved to have a cow come in like the one in your photos. Normally,they are sick, hurt, scared or on the fight just because! Thanks for sharing your great shots!

Ed said...

Great shots, that rainbow shot is spectacular!!! :-)

danardoyle said...

Beautiful pictures - Your land looks like a little slice of heaven!

Linda said...

Great dog would LOVE to have a ball like that!

denisbc said...

Nice pics Janice. I just fell right in love with that little dog!

chloephotography said...

my dog would love that ball too! and that little pup is so cute!

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots, all of them! and That Jade is one pretty girl!

Crystal said...

Jade is looking good! I like that ball, i always thought it would be fun for the horses, but maybe not!

Mari said...

Beautiful Retriever - I have a soft spot for them. If that ball came towards my horses they'd be across the Solway to England in record time!

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