Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Perfect Day To Rant

Have you ever ordered something from the Internet and that little person in your head .....you know the one with the little ball peen hammer smacking you in the back of the head over and over saying don't do it ....don't do it....but you do it anyhow....well I 've just had that experience. I very rarely order anything from the Internet and I do mean rarely. I was shopping around for a knee brace and decided I had heard enough good things about this one ( Professional Choice - Miracle Knee Support- Miracle my ass) Now before I start ranting away in full swing, I will have to accept a certain amount of blame for this whole fiasco. I was trying to find this Knee brace ( close to home) without much success, my patience had about run out so I decided to order it from the States. A few sites offered it for sale with comparitive pricing so I went ahead and ordered it. The brace cost 40.00 then add 35.00 for shipping and handling = 75.00 but it doesn't end there. The company graciously sent me a tracking number so something else I never do I tracked it, this is what my package looked like and weighs in at a whole 2 lbs.
      I think UPS might have some issues and what does UPS stand for anyhow, Up poop shoot    I am trying really hard to not be mean but really follow this ....if you can. This is the tracking info for package ...as given, package starts out
United States -  02/17/2012
Mesquite Tex - 02/18/2012
Richmond BC- 02/19/2012 Processed. Now I have to say I was pretty impressed with the shipping so far  2 days and it's already at the coast not bad at all, then something happens the package then gets shipped to
Commerce City Co - 02/20/12 Arrival
               " "            - 02/21/12 Departs
Richmond BC         - 02/21/12 Clearing Agency
Hermiston Or          - 02/22/12  Arrival Scan
" " "                         - 02/22/12 Departure Scan
Redmond Wa          - 02/22/12 Arrival Scan
"                "            - 02/23/12  Departure Scan 6:01 Am  11:57 Am Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance and released.
Richmond BC         - 02/23/12   Import Scan      5:49 PM
"               "             - 02/23/12 Departure Scan
Now we're moving ....finally in the right direction.
Castlegar BC            - 02/24/12 Arrival Scan
Sits in Castlegar for 3 days  ....longer than it took to get from Texas to Canada !!!!!!!!!!!What the hell 
Cranbrook BC           -02/27/12 Out For Delivery. So now the package is 30 mins away to be delivered by days end well that came and went ...no package, now it's Tues afternoon and guess what package finally arrives.the guy says C.O.D and I'm biting my lip not to say anything add another 24.10 for Import Fee ...which I knew nothing about so now this knee brace is worth 99.10. I don't care anymore because my knee really hurts and I can't wait to get this miracle knee brace out of the box and on my knee...well guess what...... can you guess the thing is as useless as a tit on a log. After all that hassle and this stupid little box traveling all over the country it is of no use to me. Now that 99.10 ( which I don't have to waste) is bugging me a bunch....and so is UPS. Moral of the story is - I will never be ordering anything from anywhere that will be getting delivered by UPS and chances of me ordering anything from anywhere without being able to try it first are slim to none. Just as an afterthought the head guy of UPS should go on that show Undercover Boss and see what they really do there.


Shirley said...

Good grief! What a run-around! I agree about the Undercover Boss thing

Montanagirl said...

Ouch - that's a horrible experience for you to endure.

MTWaggin said...

It takes an amazing long time and much goofing around to get packages over the Canadian border (both ways). The whole business of customs is a pain in the butt!

IanH said...

I gave up ordering stuff from Ebay for the same reason, X$ and X$ for UPS. It doesn't make sense!

fernvalley01 said...

holy crap!! I have had good success with ebay, but all of my stuff came regular mail, no longer than a week

5 Starr's Farm said...

I think my lip would have been bit off. That stuff drives me nuts.

Crystal said...

Oh I hate UPS too, if you have a choice go fed ex they are way way better. Or even regular mail. That is a bit crazy, you should let the people you bought it from know.

Janice said...

I would Crystal but I don't think they really care. After the package went back a couple of times I sent them a fax asking if maybe I should try to get the product somewhere else...no answer.

Ed said...

Sorry to giggle at this, I know exactly what you went through, so if you return it how much more will that cost or are ya just going to cut your losses and get one local? Hope your knee feels better, try 2 sticks tied to each side it may be cheaper..:-)

Janice said...

Thanks for the laugh Ed...cause I sure didn't feel much like laughing about it while it was happening.No I'm not sending it back ....enough is enough. I'm liking the two sticks plan though.

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