Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Through An Opening"

Wow this one was tough for me. I'm not very happy with what I got but I did get a few chuckles along the way and it was fun.  It was fun....till now trying to upload my pics, something weird is going on and my computer is not accepting my cards from the it's to the archives instead.

Well I did manage to get some of my pics ...still not that happy with them...but I'm going with them anyhow. Well off to see what you all did. Later.
Have A Great Week


Shirley said...

Hey these work! Of course I love the subjects.... Sage looks like she's grinning in the top photo.

Ed said...

Ilike them, well done..:-)

Montanagirl said...

Nice series! Computers can sure be a trial at times - hope you can figure out the problems.

fernvalley01 said...

those are cool, and I Love your shower !

MTWaggin said...

Wow I think the ones you got were GREAT!

Linda said...

I think you did great. I have a baby gate that acts as the same thing...just not as many faces looking over.

Ebie said...

Some creative shots! You did well with this challenge!

Crystal said...

I like your choices! Specially the first one

gtyyup said...

What would we do without baby gates for our dogs!!! LOL...

Good work on the challenge!

You seem to be getting your fair share of snow...more than you like huh? Soon we'll see flowers...yeah!!!

henrygl said...

those are pretty good posts and i loved the puppies behind the gate, so cute

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