Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Perfect Day To Rant

Have you ever ordered something from the Internet and that little person in your head know the one with the little ball peen hammer smacking you in the back of the head over and over saying don't do it ....don't do it....but you do it anyhow....well I 've just had that experience. I very rarely order anything from the Internet and I do mean rarely. I was shopping around for a knee brace and decided I had heard enough good things about this one ( Professional Choice - Miracle Knee Support- Miracle my ass) Now before I start ranting away in full swing, I will have to accept a certain amount of blame for this whole fiasco. I was trying to find this Knee brace ( close to home) without much success, my patience had about run out so I decided to order it from the States. A few sites offered it for sale with comparitive pricing so I went ahead and ordered it. The brace cost 40.00 then add 35.00 for shipping and handling = 75.00 but it doesn't end there. The company graciously sent me a tracking number so something else I never do I tracked it, this is what my package looked like and weighs in at a whole 2 lbs.
      I think UPS might have some issues and what does UPS stand for anyhow, Up poop shoot    I am trying really hard to not be mean but really follow this ....if you can. This is the tracking info for package given, package starts out
United States -  02/17/2012
Mesquite Tex - 02/18/2012
Richmond BC- 02/19/2012 Processed. Now I have to say I was pretty impressed with the shipping so far  2 days and it's already at the coast not bad at all, then something happens the package then gets shipped to
Commerce City Co - 02/20/12 Arrival
               " "            - 02/21/12 Departs
Richmond BC         - 02/21/12 Clearing Agency
Hermiston Or          - 02/22/12  Arrival Scan
" " "                         - 02/22/12 Departure Scan
Redmond Wa          - 02/22/12 Arrival Scan
"                "            - 02/23/12  Departure Scan 6:01 Am  11:57 Am Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance and released.
Richmond BC         - 02/23/12   Import Scan      5:49 PM
"               "             - 02/23/12 Departure Scan
Now we're moving ....finally in the right direction.
Castlegar BC            - 02/24/12 Arrival Scan
Sits in Castlegar for 3 days  ....longer than it took to get from Texas to Canada !!!!!!!!!!!What the hell 
Cranbrook BC           -02/27/12 Out For Delivery. So now the package is 30 mins away to be delivered by days end well that came and went package, now it's Tues afternoon and guess what package finally arrives.the guy says C.O.D and I'm biting my lip not to say anything add another 24.10 for Import Fee ...which I knew nothing about so now this knee brace is worth 99.10. I don't care anymore because my knee really hurts and I can't wait to get this miracle knee brace out of the box and on my knee...well guess what...... can you guess the thing is as useless as a tit on a log. After all that hassle and this stupid little box traveling all over the country it is of no use to me. Now that 99.10 ( which I don't have to waste) is bugging me a bunch....and so is UPS. Moral of the story is - I will never be ordering anything from anywhere that will be getting delivered by UPS and chances of me ordering anything from anywhere without being able to try it first are slim to none. Just as an afterthought the head guy of UPS should go on that show Undercover Boss and see what they really do there.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Trees"

Well this one was definitely a challenge.The trees around here are pretty dreadful right now. With all the new snow we got I wasn't leaving the property to get any photos so......boring.....

These are the neighbors Willow trees, you can just see the different color up there surrounded by Evergreens. I can't figure out why they live there and do so well. That piece of land is bone dry and barren except for the occasional weed...go figure....maybe he has an underground water source to them?
Tex's favorite place..he is almost always in this spot.
 Well that's all I could come up with, hope you all had better luck.   
I took these last few photos ( this morning on my way out to do chores) after I had already posted. They seem so much more interesting with a bit of color in I decided to add's not a lot better but anything is better than all that gray.

No color in this one but it does explain why all the trees are barkless.

                                                         Have A Great Week

Friday, February 24, 2012

Look -A - Like

I went with Shirley( Ride A Good Horse) yesterday on a bit of a trip. We went not far from my home to see a lady about a dog. Shirley was having her dog Tess bred. I took my dog Kali up there as well because that's also where the sheep are. I have to say Kali is the strangest BC I've ever owned or been around. She shows little to no interest in the sheep...yet I know she has a natural interest in herding...maybe she likes bigger animals cause she sure has a lot of interest in working the horses. Kali doesn't chase balls or sticks ...Frisbee's ... she doesn't like to go riding with the horses... nothing really that other BC's seem so fond of. She 's either really odd or maybe I hate to say it she needs a different handler. Anyhow it was still fun to go out and watch Kali's Dad work the sheep .....he is really good at it. Kali may not have the instinct like her Dad but boy she sure looks like him...I kept telling the wrong dog to do things..unless they're looking at you it is pretty hard to tell which is which. 


I didn't get very good shots of Kali's Dad because ....well I'm not that good ....but dummy that I am I forgot this new camera has an Action mode da! As well as watching the dogs we got to see a brand new Lamb( A few hrs old)

This little one is the first signs of Spring around here. As well as nice dogs and new life there is some gorgeous scenery to look at.

I'll be taking Kali back up there in the Spring and letting P try to work her magic on her. Who knows maybe she will decide to be a working dog...but it won't really matter one way or other because even if she doesn't want to be a working dog she doesn't have to work very hard to make me a sucker for her.
Stop over At Shirley's ( Ride A Good Horse) she has way better pics.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This would have been a Wordless Wednesday but who could not say anything when this is what they could be looking at? Who are these people that keep saying Spring is here or coming....cause it sure ain't here!!!!It rained all last night and made quite a mess with about an inch of water on top of the snow and just cold enough to be semi freezing....yuk by the way...try walking across that without landing on your ass...I believe that's where the term pussy footing may have come from .....just a thought. Then this morning more rain ...slogging around to get the chores done and then .....the sky is falling....enough  I say ......Oh how I hate me this is the worst (ugliest) month out of the year. For you snow lovers I don't think snow is pretty...maybe the first snowfall of the year after that I spend all winter wondering why I don't live in a more tropical type setting.

        So how pretty is that......( Not)!!!!!  The good news is that my plants will be here in a few more weeks and once I'm nicely tucked away in the Greenhouse....who cares what's going on outside because I'll have this to look at instead, then it will be  bye bye ugly Feb.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Texture"

I tried to find things that would be interesting and I came up with things that probably only interest me but oh well at least I made it.

I was playing with both cameras for these shots and honestlyI don't think there's that much difference between the two what do you think?          New Camera - Canon Rebel T3

Old Camera           Canon Power Shot A630

And one more for good measure ....just because it goes with my frame of mind at the moment.

Well I could go on and on....kind of already did!! That's it for me. I will be checking you all out.
                                                               Have A Great Week

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life