Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jade And Blue Sky

Well I finally got my mare back, she was out for training. She was supposed to get a month of training which she did eventually. Jade is very rideable at least the one ride I got on her she was. They had some kind of Super bug go through the facility and I brought her home sick, I spent the next week administering medicine twice a day. Jade is much improved but still not useable and even if I could ride her I don't really have the best of conditions right now. Oh how I long for an Indoor Arena....but then who doesn't. ( Unless of course you already have one)

After I brought Jade home I knew there was a good chance I would pass this sickness on guessed it of course I did. We kept her quarantined but it still went through our crew. We have been administering medicine twice daily to two of them and we are monitering the others daily, temps etc etc. So far they seem to be holding their own. the cough is what gets me. I have owned horses all my life and yes we have suffered through colds and influenza's and assorted other ailments known and unknown but never have I seen or heard such deep painful dry and even not so dry coughing. This bug is going to be awhile clearing up....needless to say with everything sick there are no plans for riding or any in the near future. We will be missing some terrific outings with The Kootenay Backcountry Horsemen but oh well what can ya do. I'm just grateful that everything seems to be on the mend....Jake too, he is healing. besides everything mending around here another bright spot is Blue Sky.....haven't seen any for so long I almost forgot what it looked like.

Well that's it for today. I have been away long enough to have missed doing my posts. I look forward to your contributions to Sun. Challenge. Have a great day.


fernvalley01 said...

Sorry to hear your crew have been sick , hopefully they will all be hale and hearty for spring riding

Shirley said...

Hope your horses are well enough for the dentist. Lovin' that blue sky. Ted saw robins yesterday.....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The bright blue sky contrasts so beautifully with the snow and works well at lifting one's spirits, eh?
I can't imagine living somewhere where every day is rainy and grey skies. I'd be in a funk all the time. bah!

I'm glad that everyone there seems to be improving, but it sure makes it tough on you. Take good care of yourself so you don't get too worn out, k?

Gentle hugs for you,

DayPhoto said...

Glad your horses are improving, I had been wondering about Jake. I miss the blue sky...I am soooooooo ready here as well.


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