Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Challenge "Fruit"

Well you would think this one should be an easy challenge.....I think they are all challenging to the challenged, at any rate this is all I've got. I'm late have to run I'll check out your stuff later. Have a great day......yay blue sky again.

Well I'm back, after looking at some fellow bloggers posts I had to go see for myself, plus my original post was pretty uninspired. Some of the other bloggers were giving their horses
bananas....well this little herd wasn't having any of it. The only one that would even let it close to her mouth was Jade, she rolled it around in her mouth a couple of times and then spit it out. The dog on the other hand thought it was worth risking life and limb for, look where he is in some of these photos. Remeber this is the dog that got his leg broken by a horse........ I think he may have forgotten the lesson he should have learned. Ok back to the fruit part.

Brave or stupid....whichever the case may be he thought that banana was worth it. I hope bananas are not toxic to dogs cause he snarfed the whole thing. Ok now I'm really gone. Later


colleen said...

Hehe...a banana tree!

Sydney said...

You should have fed those bananas to a horse!

dibear said...

A couple of my favorites. :)

Ed said...

Cool, love cantaloupe, YUMM!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I like the peeled banana in the first one and the juice box in the second. Shows you've got some creative humor, too.

The cantalope brings back fond memories of my grandpa. He used to call me Sugar Booger and ask me if I'd go get him a slice of 'mushmelon'.
He sure loves his cantalope. And I miss him.

Thanks for bringing back some memories for me :)


gtyyup said...

So do your horses like bananas? It seems to be the topic of this week's challenge! Yes, it was a challenging challenge for the challenged!

Shirley said...

Here is a comment from Ted- You might have better results feeding bananas to monkeys!

Lori Skoog said...

Bananas are in!

theegggather said...

Good shots - was that banana your breakfast since you were in a hurry?

Janice said...

He's probably right, know where I can find a monkey

picturesbybrenda said...

love the banana holder.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Crazy dog..a banana eater:)

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