Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Valentine's Day "

I don't really do Valentine's Day, sorry folks but it means nothing to me. Dave is not a V.Day person either, so if not for this challenge the day would have gone by unnoticed.We did have one contributor to this day, Isabella made this for us (I'm pretty sure Mom lent a helping hand )and so at least I had something to show for this challenge. The giving of the card was so sweet I wish I could show you that. She was very proud of her handi work and so shy in the handing it over. She is such an adorable child. Anyhow guys that's all I got. Time to run chores .....medication......catch ya all later to see all your mooshy stuff. Have a wonderful day


Holly said...

Homemade Valentine Day cards from kids are the best!

Anonymous said...

That is just too sweet. At least she remembered you on this special day. We don't do much either!

Ed said...

AWWWWW, thats too cute..:-))

Anonymous said...

That is soooo sweet!

gtyyup said...

That is very sweet! So...Isabella is the cute lil' cowgirl from Wordless Wednesday?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a sweetheart! I love handmade cards the best.

We don't do anything special for V-Day around here either. We figure we're sweet to one another the rest of the year and V-Day was created just for the retailers to make more money. hehe!

I'm thinking of you today and hope that the rest of this week goes well for you and all who are in you care,

Hugs for you,

Shirley said...

That's special! somebody luvs you!

Pony Girl said...

That is so sweet! Handmade gifts from kids are the best! Hope your weekend was great!

fernvalley01 said...

Such a sweet Valentine!

Anonymous said...

lovely card!

Anonymous said...

awww isn't that sweet!

From the Heart of Texas said...

What a sweet Valentine! Isabella did a wonderful job! I say that's a keeper. :)

2manyhorses said...

What happened to the newly developed "sensitive side"? Maybe you both need to watch "The Notebook" again???!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute butterfly valentine! I know what you mean, just give me a heart shaped wasp nest and I am happy!
Have a great day.

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