Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Monday was go visiting day,I went over to Creston to see Shirley and Gail. I was going to see the little man Midnight Coyote.....what a beauty and excited .....excited pick out my new puppy, so here she is. Any ideas on names??????? I'm leaning towards Emma what do you think? I was very torn between two pups. I wish I could have them both wouldn't that be fun to play with two at the same time........Sage would be a little unhappy. I chose the one I thought I would take when I saw their pics on Shirley's blog.....she is so sweet ....is that wishful thinking or is it real, how can you tell their eyes aren't even open yet......no I'm going with she's so sweet.

Mom and pup, mom was pretty good at standing guard, she looked like she was trying to figure out why this one wasn't where it was supposed to be. Tess would go back to the litter then stick her head through the window to check on my pup, then she decided it was best just to stay and make sure we were being good to her baby.
After picking a pup and oohing and ahhing over the litter we went out to see some horses.
Twins or what.....do you think this mare throws little replicas of herself......

This is our friend Gail from over at Lone Pine Equine Services aka 2manyhorses. If you have a horse needing rehab or someone needing lessons this is the gal for you, Gail is a natural and gets results. If you want some more info on her services let me know via e-mail or blog comments and we'll get you set up with her.

Doesn't Ted look like a proud papa.

Sunday became Greenhouse day.The Gr.House crew came and a lot of help from a neighbor and there you have it my new Gr.house is covered, it was a while coming but with much relief this stage is completed. I must say a huge thank you to my significant other, he spent all week working on the gr house and on Sat. he spent all day working in the rain to get it to plastic stage so ..........big ......hugest Thank You Dave. Now I just need the doors and all the exhaust ....shutters in and whalluh a beautiful useable Greenhouse. Am I starting to get excited....well maybe a little...... or maybe a lot!

These are a few shots from our Sunday Challenge that I never got up, the challenge was Controls, anything that controls an inanimate object.... I think that's what it was. Anyhow this is a few of those.
This controls the circulation of air in our living room, it works well to disperse heat from the wood stove....which by the way we are still using ( May)

Believe it or not this little item controls life or death,look at the last shot and you will see why. This thermostat controls the temp in my Greenhouse.....so life and death.

So there you have it, whew busy week- end and going to be a busy week. Have a great week guys see you next Sunday maybe hopefully.


Shirley said...

Your baskets are looking great!I like the one in the back with the black-eyed susan vine climbing.

Shirley said...

I really like the photo of Gail and Coyote; look at the hip on him! I think he liked Gail too. I had a wonderful day with you and Gail, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks!

fernvalley01 said...

so pretty! We have wet snow today but soon we can hang pretty baskets too

CTG Ponies said...

The pup is adorable! The greenhouse is fabulous!!

2manyhorses said...

I had a great day seeing you two after soooo long! Why don't we do this more often? Thanks girls! Loved the puppies (how about "Finnley")? Loved the horses (Coyote is something else!). Thanks for looking at that horse with me. Baskets are beautiful. And your greenhouse is huge!
See you soon.

2manyhorses said...

...and Janice - thanks for the nice words!

DayPhoto said...

Ahh! I would like another puppy. But not with Fuzzy, he would be way too jealous. And not if I'm working. So take lots of photos so I can enjoy with you.


Sydney said...

Puppies are so cute. Why do they have to be so darned cute!

gtyyup said...

Hi Janice!

I like the name Emma...what a cute lil' pup! I sure wish I lived closer to you and Shirley...what fun to be able to see her so often!

Shirley said...

Hey Janice, since you names your horse Jazz, why not name your pup after one of the great jazz women, like Ella (Fitzgerald) or Billie (Holiday)

Janice said...

I already thought about Ella not to into that but Billie is kinda cool....hmmm definitely on my list.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I love those Pups..it will be so good to watch one of them grow up. I will have to think on a name. That Greenhouse is impressive..it must be 88 feet long or 92..that is a stretch. I had one that was 72..you need some big fans to move the air from one end to the other. I had a huge exhaust fan that would change the air every couple of minutes..but some days it would almost cook me out..I would wet all the sand on the ground..and lob cold water in the air. I like retirement just fine! You all did great getting the plastic on! It is no small feat..we used wiggle wire..wonderful stuff! Your plants look great too! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That's some green house! And your flowers are gorgeous! Lucky you getting so many good folks to help you with it, too. Will you have to take the plastic off before next winter or will it be able to hold up to the weight of the snow? (gah...Can you believe I'm already thinking about next winter! But I really want summer to be here now!)

Those puppies sure are cute, but I have no interest in having any. I like it when they come house trained. lol!
I like the name Emma, though. It fits her perfectly. So why did you pick that name?

Looks like Coyote Belle cloned herself. lol!


Janice said...

Far Side: The Greenhouse is 96ft weird number I don't know why I just didn't go 100.there are two exhaust fans at the other end and two shutters at the end you see. there will be four fans for when the heat is on but I think we can use them to move the air around as well.I'm hoping it works properly or like you said it will cook in there. I kinda like my old Greenhouse style with the roll up sides, they make a big difference.....too much hassle though especially when the weather is so stupid.We have snow today.

Lisa: I think the name Emma came up when Shirley, Gail and myself were checking out the pup. She has a spot on her ruff that almost looks like a diamond....well sometimes. If you look at that one pic that mark looks like a perfect bell. Anyhow we were thinking of names and because of the almost diamond someone said Gemma, I found that hard to say for some reason and it just sounds hard and then I would be calling her Gem which sounds too much like Jim. If you just go with Emma it makes it sound so much softer,easier to say and then the short versian would be Em...Wow that turned into a novel.

Linda said...

She's so sweet...I love Emma...it's easy to say and you'll probably end up calling her Em for short..at least that's what happens here. Next pup I get I think I'll call her Sheila!

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