Friday, May 7, 2010

May And Where The #$#$ Is Spring

I have to warn you now that this post is dedicated to a big ol whine fest. I am frustrated almost to tears so that's my excuse for being a whiner. I know I should feel grateful that it isn't worse ....and I am but still......I will also say I'm sorry now too, if it seems I am belittling the plight of other places and people.I warned you this was a whine fest.
This is what it looked like Wed morning at 5:00am. Don't ask.

And this is what it looked like at 9:00 am. It seems so odd to see the snow on trees and the horses picking away at new grass.
This is what it looked like Thurs night at 9:00 pm, can you just sorta see the nice new Greenhouse down there....can you start to see where this post is going.

This is what it looks like as I am typing now - 9:00am Fri. morning.

Now this is where the whining really takes off. We managed to get the Greenhouse covered on Sunday. I was so excited thinking I could move all my stuff over to it, then it occured to me that we still didn't have power to it. This Greenhouse is equipped with exhaust fans, air intake shutters the whole nine it sits ....pretty much useless to me, no fear though power is on the way. But alas the hits just keep on coming even with power I won't have heat and as you can see, where there is snow there is cold. Who would have thought there would be snow on the ground May 7th. This weather is interfering with my business to the point of total frustration. If something doesn't give soon they can just cart me off to the looney bin....sorry folks right now I don't care about politically correct statements..... I warned ya...if you are still reading you probably know where I'm coming from. I swear for every step forward I am taking two back. I have to say after awhile it makes a person question their ability to make wise decisions.....about anything. Ok enough of the whining....see it only lasts for a little while ....really......I am so late for chores etc, in spite of my rantings I wish you all a great week- end.


2manyhorses said...

Oh Janice! I feel so bad for you! Maybe you really should consider moving to Creston - or better yet, why not Salmo! I shouldn't speak so soon, it is beautiful and sunny this morning with tulips & daffodils, BUT the forecast is for snow this afternoon!
I hope the snow all melts and the sun shines for you this weekend.

fernvalley01 said...

Oh Crap! I hear ya , we were hoping for rain and got 2 inches of snow this week! I t is so frustrating , Almost through calving and whammo! Next thing we know we are on pneumonia /scour watch! I am so tired of winter , feels like we only have 15 min of summer before its back! It is moisture , I guess, Hope it warms up and you are treated to a bright sunny day soon!

DayPhoto said...

Oh, gosh!!! HORRID! I have grown so very very weary of winter. I hope this melts really fast for you!


Crystal said...

yikes, I feel for you! I hate winter and I hate it even more when it intirrups my short summer. Well its gotta be gone soon right?

Sarah said...

Chin up...your not alone in this! At least we all have the reassurance of knowing the May snow never stays on the ground for very long! Of course then there is the aftermath. Two years ago we had 8 inches the first week of May that melted in a day, but the wind blew during the storm adn broke all teh power poles running east to west. We had no power for 2 weeks cause teh creek flooded and they couldn't get to us. See...things could be worse!!

IanH said...

Your place looks like our place three days ago. The weather warmed up, the snow melted and life goes on. Until I retired, things like this used to bother me. Now, each day is a blessing. Some are more blessed than others. Chin up! It will get better.

Shirley said...

I'd be seriously depressed too if I had snow right now. Blossom Festival is in 2 weeks; maybe you can come down for that?

Ed said...

Is mother nature making up for the lack of snow during winter?? Love the pics though..:-))

Merri said...

well don't look at me, spring isn't coming from this direction yet! there were snow showers in the Owyhee mountains today, and its been freezing the last several mornings!
(although we do have lots of lovely wildflowers ignoring the weather)
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