Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Challenge " The Letter B"

The challenge this week is the letter B, it had to be things( Nouns)not adjectives....did I get that right Ed. I think I met the challenge.The first pic is made from wooden blocks, and it is something I should...we probably all should do.

This is also made out of Barnwood
A little jingle in your jangle.

A collection of Birdhouses

The smaller flower is Jumbo Lavender Bacopa

Jumbo White Bacopa

These are the few buds on a Rose bush that the deer didn't eat.

I was suprised at how much stuff I found. Good challenge Ed. Have a great week everyone.


CTG Ponies said...

Great photos! I had fun doing this one and was surprised at how much stuff I found too.

prairierunner said...

I love the Birdhouses.....I collect them and these are great. I Believe I just might have to Build me some.

Shirley said...

Great collection Janice! I think this was the Best of thee letter challenges. But, no Bee Bums on your Blossoms?

gtyyup said...

Yes, I think you've got it...lots of B's!! This was a fun challenge don't ya think?

picturesbybrenda said...

I love all the signs! I need to get my flowers planted, but have to go buy some first! lol I just looked at your previous post - isn't that snow, this late in the spring, just crazy weather?

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