Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trail Ride Part 2

Saturday afternoon (tires are bought and changed- ready to go) saddled and ready to ride. !!!Finally!!!
Dave and Indy - Shirley and Beamer
Shirley and Beamer having a bite to eat while taking a look around the Outfitters camp, you see how nice the ground looks around Beamer's feet all green and nice....what you don't see is the multitude of Gopher holes....that area is a broken ankle looking for a place to happen.

Oops this pic should have been on the earlier post.....oh well it's here now. This is our visiting Albertan Charlene and her horse Ricky - Dave with Skookum and Indy ( Skook is a 3 yr old Perch / Quarter and Mustang cross he measures 16.1 ) I guess Dave never followed what he was told ....Admire the tall and ride the small.

After our ride this was a time for relaxing and enjoying a little stress free downtime. Hey do you guys see a theme going on here. This is Crystal from Ranch Riding and look at what she has in her lap.

This is Charlene and look what she has in her lap. Man I thought I was a sucker for this pup. I thought I might have to check their truck before they left. That dog isn't going to know how to walk the way everyone packs her around.

The horses didn't mind having some down time as well. For my horses it turned out to be a stressful week end, I discovered a couple of my nice? well trained horses?? are rather dangerous when they decide to have a bad day....back to the basics I guess.
This is a decent shot of Skookum showing how well he has mastered the hobbles.
Well that's it for this installment I must go to bed. I will try to get the last post of our ride up in the morning.


Ed said...

Very cool, is Skookum a Dapple Grey? Beautiful horse..:-)

fernvalley01 said...

Skookum is gorgeous ,but I would need a catapult to get me up there.I like the line "admire the tall,ride the small"
Callie(sp?) sure serems to be enjoying her visitors. looks like an ovewrall good time.I like Dave's dun/buckskin horse as well

DayPhoto said...

Sigh! What a nice relaxing time. Makes me want to be there.


fernvalley01 said...

I meant to say, he looks like the "Gunsmoke horse"

Janice said...

Ed Skookum is what they call a Blue Roan and so is Jake the one behind him. If that one keeps getting as big as I think he will Dave will have a very well matched team.

Linda said...

Great pictures.....I even recognize one;)

2manyhorses said...

Wish I had been on the ride!
I hope Dave knows that Skookum hasn't finished growing yet! Our perch crosses (HOPEFULLY) have finished growing now and they are six years old. Tractor is now a grand 17.3 hh and he grew an inch over the past winter!
lol lol :o)

Shirley said...

Hey you got some great shots there Janice! That Kali pup is a real heart stealer allright, just like her mama.

Crystal said...

Excellent pictures, it sure was a fun time, I coulda stayed for a week!

CTG Ponies said...

Those are some really fine looking horses!

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