Monday, August 30, 2010

The End Of The Trail

Well this is the last post on the Blogger Trail Ride. I had to throw in this pic of Indy ....what a handsome steed. I think this is the best pic we have of this fellow....very nice even if I do say so myself. This picture was taken at the outfitter's camp as well as the one below.

Crystal and her horse Bailey and Charlene with Ricky
Some of the scenery right around the camp.

This is the girls tent, pretty fancy digs I'd say. It didn't take them long to figure out how to put it up either.

Or down, these girls make for good campers, I think they enjoyed themselves, we could hear some giggling from next tent over.Love those boots...hope that tent is sporting any spur holes.

Well we are all packed up week-ends over ...time to head for home. The road out, sorry for the poor quality photos, it was rainingand I have a cracked windsheild so I was trying to avoid that. The hardest part of taking these pics is the fact that I'm also the sole occupant ....thus the driver ...who really shouldn't be trying to take pics on this road. I finally had to put the camera down when I put a trailer wheel in the much for trying to do two things at once.
Dave( Tucker) leading the way then Crystal and Charlene - Shirley and the Dogs and myself (dogs) taking up last position. Thank goodness for radios...although we didn't pass to much traffic on the way out. It was nice to talk to Dave once in awhile he kept checking to make sure we were ok.

Well that's it for the Blogger Trail ride. It was very nice to meet two really great people and learn a little about their lives. Maybe we will see them again for another ride.


Crystal said...

That one of us on the tent in our boots and shorts, not sure what we were thinking, it looks so funny, suprised we never got caught on anything. Im hoping we can do something like that again, i had a blast!

CTG Ponies said...

Looks like a really fun time! Indy is a very handsome fella.

fernvalley01 said...

It does look like a wonderfuil trip. And Indy is a gorgeous fella! Hoping to join you all next time

Sarah said...

when's the next ride? I'm ready! You and Shirly are just torturing me with these posts!
Indy is GORGEOUS! That is one hot peice of horse flesh!

Shirley said...

I really gotta get some new tin for my trailer door! The pic of Indy really turned out nice.

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