Monday, August 23, 2010

Trail Ride Part 1

I have to do this post in stages, I should be more like Shirley and do an interesting but shorter versian oh well if you get bored ......the beauty of technology shut me off. The first 2 pics are fairly obvious they are pre- loading yahoo we are going.

Dave and I went in Fri afternoon and got our camp set up, there was already another couple there with horses so they had the corral. It turns out they live just a few miles down the road from us. Later in the afternoon I went back down the road- an hour to wait for Shirley and the Alberta girls so I could show them the way in.These next pics are out of sinc, unfortunately our new friend from Alberta was having tire problems and had to get some changing done. Three flats on one trip is three to many. Where we were is not a good place for flat tires, thank goodness we had a fix it guy along.The 2 pics below are what we saw from our camp when the Alberta rig came limping in. You can get a better versian of this story over at Ride A Good Horse.
These shots were taken at about 8.00 or so pm so the sun was at the top of the mountains and it was getting to be dusk below where we were.This photo was taken the next day, Shirley and Crystal went into Cranbrook where I'm glad to say they received excellent service. They returned to camp with new tires and a new rim. Dave put her tires on, I'm sure she was relieved to know she would make it out safely.I think Crystal and her friend Charlenelike our scenery but I'm not so sure they like how.... you get up close and personal to it. To find out what the girls thought about their week - end wander over to Ranch Riding and see what's up.
That's it for this post I will try for another bit tomorrow. Hey I saw a few posts from Sunday's Metal challenge - awesome. Later.


fernvalley01 said...

Sure is beautiful country. And as I said on Shirleys blog . So nice to have a kind handy fellow like Dave along

Shirley said...

The mountain shots turned out really good, that gold color is exactly how it looked. Hey, everybody, that is the view from camp!

Sydney_bitless said...

Can't wait to hear more. It looks like it was a fun trip.

Sarah said...

I wish I wish I wish you could have come along! It already looks like tons of fun, and you havn't even left the camp site yet!

Linda said...

I sure would have like to have been along for the ride!!

DayPhoto said...

Did that look like a flat on the horse trailer! ICK!!! Other than a supposed flat the whole thing was delightful!


Crystal said...

I had so much fun, thanks for picking an awesome place, coulda stayed a week!

denisbc said...

Loved the photos Janice...glad you're getting some fun time.

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