Monday, November 15, 2010

A Day Behind....But there.

Sunday's photo challenge was Coffee/ Tea/ Cups. I was busy so I missed it but decided to do it anyhow. You know the expression - A Day Late And A dollar Short - well that would be me. So the first two cups. On the left my coffee cup, on the right sort of self explanatory Dave's Grand kids made him this we don't actually use it in case it gets broken.

I'm not a big collector of cups and mugs but over the years you seem to get some anyhow. My coffee cup was a gift from my mother. The cute little striped tea cup I got from Shirley over at Ride A Good Horse, I'm not quite sure how I got that....I think you had to be the first one that wanted it or something like that.....who knew I seldom win anything... so of course I have that one where I can see it. The other one came from a Christmas party basket long to go into details.

The big one in the middle again a gift, the other two again one of those Christmas party things.

And that's it for my collection, all my other cups and mugs are what you would probably see in most people's cupboards.


DayPhoto said...

I missed it also. I think next time I'll go ahead and post. Heck Why Not!

Love your mugs!


Shirley said...

I like that one with the rope type handle. Horsey mugs are the best!

fernvalley01 said...

I like the rope handle on too ,it is very nice

Sydney_bitless said...

I like the rope handle one. Fancy.

Linda said...

Hey I've got some like those in the last photo;)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I also like the one with the rope handle..very nice..and who cares if you are late! :)

Ed said...

I've got to say the pegasus is my deffinate fave..:-)

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