Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Faces

Dave braved bad weather and headed out to Alberta on Wed. to pick up these little beauties. Thankfully it warmed up on his trek home. He left Wed. stayed at friends overnight, picked up on Thurs. morning, stayed overnight at the same friends in Sundre and then headed home Fri. morning. It worked out well doing it that way, the babies didn't have to endure a long taxing trip and they made it here before dark so unloading was a breeze. Today the poor things had to endure the people you can see in the photos they are wearing halters.....they didn't come that way and they are not what one would call gentled......yet. So on went the halters then dewormed and then some rubbing and petting - finally turned loose to pick up their pride and console each other. It was a bit of a rodeo but they all got done without too much trauma. I would prefer to get to know them and get them a little more co - operative but because they needed deworming right away being kind was a luxury we could not afford. I did not take pics of the actual haltering / deworming because - two reasons I did not want to see it again and I'm sure there would have been some disapproving bystanders. It's done, they forgave us fairly quickly and I can live with that. Now comes the kinder easier stuff of getting to know them and seeing what kind of personalities they will have. The black with the star is the boss. The red one is the littliest and my favorite. The two blues are almost the same in looks but not in personalities. I think the one with the little white spot is going to be the nicer of the two. I guess we will see. Stay tuned for updates on the babies.


Shirley said...

Oh Yay!New faces! All colts I presume? The red one is sure a cutey, he stands out in the crowd. Aw heck, they're all cute!

Shirley said...
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fernvalley01 said...

Nice lookin "kids" sometimes the "getting it done " part with horses you didn't raise isn't pretty ,but as much fuss as it was its better to make sure they are healthy (deworming ) than it is sometimes to be sweet. Now you have all the time in the world to show them just how wonderful you are!

Gail said...

What beauties!!!

A few loving sessions and they will soon forget their first day.

Mrs Mom said...

Cute cute cute Janice!! Like that red roan guy, but the blacks are all purty sweet looking too. Cant wait to read how they are all doing as you gentle them!

Sydney_bitless said...

What cuties! I love your little red roan.

DayPhoto said...

I'm sure they will all say they are GLAD they are there in the very near future. And to be free of worms is another gift they will be glad they have.

They are beauties!


Mrs Mom said...

OK Miss Janice-- your Monday Keeley fix is now up. Go check it out! ;)

Ed said...

This will make for some interesting posts, they are adorable!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

How old are they? It does look like they are a pack or a in numbers!:)

gowestferalwoman said...

babies!!!! they are lovely! looks like they are stuck to each other like glue - once the newness of the place wears off and you dont have to worry too much about stress on them then you can start working with them separately, huh...You got a fun job ahead of you, im envious!

CTG Ponies said...

Cute new faces!!

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