Monday, November 29, 2010

Shirley's Sparkle - Janice's Jazz

Here's a bit of an update on Jazz, you can see by the first pic how enthused she was to be the subject of this post. She was really not into it. For those of you that may not know or remember Jazz is the Filly I got from Shirley ( Ride A Good Horse) aka Sparkle.

She finally quit with the yawning and funny faces so I managed to snap off a few.

Jazz thought she was being smart.... as she kept presenting me with her backside - unbeknownst to her though I kinda like look'n at nice bums so a shot of hers was ok by me.....nice bum huh. I would say it's going to get nicer yet, Jazz is going to be two in the Spring so some filling out is still in the works.

I haven't done much with her yet that will come in the Spring but I still have a feeling about her, can't quite explain it but I guess time will tell. Later all. Have a wonderful week.


Shirley said...

Man she is a gorgeous girl! That yawning thing she gets from Beamer....
The cross of Beamer and Belle is a good one. Can't wait to see the next one!

DayPhoto said...

I don't know much about horses...but I do think this one is very beautiful! I will be looking forward to watching her progress.


fernvalley01 said...

That is one good looking filly!

Lori Skoog said...

Yes, Jazz is going to be something. What about these four new babies? Did you just buy them or what...all are adorable.

Thanks for visiting and your kind words. No snow here yet.

Stay warm.

Crystal said...

Wow she sure has gotten big! And pretty good looking too!
Aww babies, they are pretty cute too, liking th black one sure looks good.

Ed said...

She is a beauty..:-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

She is going to be could she not be..Beamer is so handsome:)

allhorsestuff said...

Beamer sure shows in her!
She's a beaut!

gowestferalwoman said...

Jazz is growing proportionally - shes going to be really nice under saddle...

so what do you have in mind for her, hmmm???

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