Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunday Challenge 2 Weeks Ago

Well it's finally here ...hey I'm getting better it only took me 2 weeks this time. The challenge was " The Letter F" things places etc. So for Fun I thought I would try something slightly different. I took writer liberty and went for a loose definition of Flora and Fauna....this is what I came up with.

This pic of the baby in the hole is courtesy of Dave " Big Game Guide" We did see a few Deer but unlike the ones here in Kimberley the ones out there actually run away when they see you no pic ops.

Well that is it. Boy I would be handy if this machine would upload pics this fast all the time. Hopefully I'll catch ya all this coming Sunday. See ya. Have a Great Week- End.


Shirley said...

Cow Parsley and wild strawberries! Dave did great on the varmint photos- fat little thing isn't it.

Janice said...

Sam just in case you come in here, I have been trying to leave you comments to no avail. I am following along though.

Crystal said...

Gopher shots are pretty good! I like the strwaberries too, I found wild raspberries in our creek the other day that noone knew where there!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Janice, Your not the only one have trouble with leaving comments? I have no answer for you ??? I have Google Chrome, thinking maybe that has something to do with it? Just e-mail me when ever you want. Anyway, I've been fighting a gopher in my garden took down one of my artichoke plants, now I'm on a "show no mercy, take no prisoners" mission.......LOL
You have a good weekend talk to you soon...Sam

Terry and Linda said...

Was that a chipmunk? You did a good job with all of your pictures. I haven't been able to get myself organized enough to post regularly.


Janice said...

Linda that is a baby gopher,they had a bumper crop out there this year, the little pests were everywhere.

gowestferalwoman said...

crap. I hate them things, but you took such an excellent personality photo that now its going to be hard to set traps..

okay fine. Ill say it.

Darn it, hes sooo stinkin' cute!!!

You could get a job with National geo because anyone who could make that lil guy adorable is one heck of a photographer!

Ed said...

Cute gopher..:-))

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