Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Challenge" Currency"

I don't know how to make this particular challenge very interesting, after all money is money right.......well because I don't have samples of different currencies from around the world I will have to be satisfied with a run down on our own .
The first pic is what our money used to look like from the front. I am missing a 10 dollar bill. The second pic is of course the backside.We had kind of pretty money, and a nice thing about it is you always knew what amount you were handing over without having to look at it very hard. Well things change and quite frequently not for the better.

Our wonderful government reps. decided that we should get rid of our dollar and go to a coin instead. Us regular people did not want that but hey they did it anyhow.....what's one more coin in your pocket?
So the gold coin you see is our infamous Looney (1 Dollar) It used to have a Loon on it..... I still haven't figured out if they call it a looney because of the bird or the astronomical stupidity of the coin itself. If that venture into lunacey wasn't enough ....after the dust settled the powers that be decided we should have a 2 dollar coin.... that would be the one with the gold in the middle. There has been talk in the past of making a 5 dollar coin, I think they are waiting a little longer on that one as the people still haven't quite settled down over the twooney. I think it is a conspiracy between the government and retailers 1 to make Canadians loose weight cause they say too many of us are obese 2 carrying around all those coins rips out the pockets of your pants and also wears out the bottom of purses and whatever other kind of crap you have to carry to have your money on your out brilliantly for the banks, everybody uses their cards because it's to hard to carry money and they nail you everytime you use it. Uhh the joys of money. Well that's enough of that tirade. There are other forms of currency, I'm sure all around the world has this or something along the same lines. You get to go spend a bunch of money and then get a few cents back. I guess that's better than nothing.
I am also a firm believer in the barter system. There is always someone out there willing to trade an item or services for something you have. As an example I trade some of these and get my Bookkeeping done for gotta like that!

Well that's it for me. Hope you all have a wonderful day ....or tomorrow depending on where you are.


flowerweaver said...

Yes, I like the barter system, too. We just traded some piano lessons for plumbing. Love the birds on your bills. I'm with you on the stupidity of coins. I would like to see the US penny done away with, as you can't buy squat with it and it would make math easier if the nickel was the smallest. I can't say how many dollar coins I mistakenly gave away thinking they were quarters.

Ed said...

Whoot, Whoot!!! I got to see a Toonie!!!! I love that coin! Seems the Canadian gov't loves their coins, its pretty cool but a pain in the butt while wearing shorts..:-))

Meadowsweet said...

I may just be the lone cannuck who actually likes the looney and twooney. Just easy to slip a few in your pocket...then you always are at the ready when you see a Timmies...and they don't work their way out the way paper bills do. But that's just me I guess. I like the way our folding money has gotten prettier and prettier. When travelling in the US I find myself taking all my money out and looking it over before paying as if I were completely mathematically challenged...cuz once I handed over a 20 instead of a 1 and didn't get change maybe I am math challenged. LOL :)

VioletSky said...

Wow. Um, I, er, actually like the loonie and I've gotten used to the toonie. It was kind of exciting to feel coins in your pocket, then pull one out and discover it was actually a loonie instead of a quarter.
As for weight of these coins - you should try carrying around some sterling - those 1 pound coins are heavy.
But, I do feel a wave of nostalgia for the old paper money - especially the older designs.

dibear said...

Very interesting. I've lots of canadian money today.:)

gtyyup said...

Barter works wonders...I love it!!!

The Canadian currency really was quite pretty as far as money is concerned...compared to our US green.

Great post!

Shirley said...

Yeah, you can't say greenback dollar when referring to Canadian dollars- unless we get one with a Mallard duck on it..... maybe I should shut up before I give the gov't some ideas!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! That Twoonie is so pretty with it's two-tone and wildlife! Wish we had more currency with wildlife instead of boring president's faces. lol!

Thanks for sharing...oh and bartering is great! I wish more folks would do it, too.


moresecretwhispers said...

i have really liked seeing everyones currency & yours didnt disappoint, very nice

Janice said...

Well hang me out to dry I guess I should only refer to myself when posting and not all of Canada. Apparently there are many coin lovers cruising about out let me rephrase - when the gov't came out with the looney blah blah blah "I did not like the idea"

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