Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Challenge " Fins Feathers and Fur"

OK, Fins - Feathers and Fur how hard could that be. Well it started a whole debate on what is fur and what is hair. I thought I knew. So I checked it out in the Dictionary and it helped but not much, it pretty much said any mammal with hair and more so if the fur was valuable, actually this is what it said never mind suffice it to say I have decided to go a different route this week. I really was kind of stumped on the fins though, now don't burst out laughing but I have not been anywhwere for awhile so I had to make do with what was on hand. Well it had fins! I managed to scrounge up one more depiction of fins.

So on to the feathers. It's funny how you get so used to things you don't even see them anymore....well at least that happens to me frequently. Anyhow since we moved here I am deprived of all the beautiful birds I used to see daily, so I thought I would go next door and get some pictures of their chickens, then I talked to Shirley over @ Ride A Good Horse and she suggested this. Not the first one but the rest of the feathers.

No offense to the chickens this was the better choice.(they aren't cool like Sid over At Laughing Orca) I bet we see him on this challenge.... oops sorry I'm wandering......... well back to my submissions. Well here's the Fur, probably not what you expected to see.

Well I just can't help myself Fur - Hair whatever, you tell me. For those of you that may not have seen shots of my pooch here is Sage, if her bed looks a little strange that would be because it is. She has taken over my shower.........uhm to long a story I will save that for another post.

Well folks that's a sign off for me. I look forward to seeing all the Fins Feathers and Fur. Have a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

fish fillets lol :)
your post was very creative!

Ed said...

Very well done, I spit my coffee out when I saw the first pic..:-))

Anonymous said...

I got a real laugh out of the first shot. Loved it!! Really nice choices. :)

CTG Ponies said...

Very clever on the fish fillets! I love the first feather pic.

colleen said...

I love your clever take on the challenge! Great!

Holly said...

very creative!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well I think Sage must have wanted her own stall, just like the horses (get it? shower stall. hehe)

Your painted animals on the feathers are gorgeous, especially the horse! wow!
Great choices all, but the frozen haddock just made my day. Too funny!

Sorry I let you and other folks down and didn't post any Sid Vicious pics for this challenge, though. It made me smile knowing that he is so well-liked, though :) He's way more popular than me! lol!


From the Heart of Texas said...

Ha, ha. Sorry I did laugh but did have fins (the frozen fish) didn't it? Giggle. Love the feathers those are great and hmmmm on the doggie taking over the shower. Maybe he does want his own "Place."

Ebie said...

Hahaha! I really had to laugh on the first photo! Well done!

Ebie's Sunday Stills Challenge.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! You're so funny! All you had to do was scroll down to the bottom of my blog where my playlist is. I kept forgetting to tell you who it was...and then couldn't remember her last name. lol!

But here ya go:

Natasha Bedingfield
"Pocket Full of Sunshine"


Stephanie said...

My Hunk would love the bear! So cool. We have "Heads" on our walls. In fact I notice you are from Canada and two of Hunks "heads" are from Canada trips!

Hope youhave a great day! Enjoyed your blog.....

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great fins! loved your painted feathers..I have not seen anything like them before..very interesting!
Our Border collie loves to den up in the bathroom too..he loves the coolness of the tile floor... Sage looks comfy with her blanket and all:)

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