Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Challenge" Halloween "

I'm not much of a big doer of Halloween but I went around and tried to find some cool decorations, I was disappointed when I really didn't find much all that inspiring.
The little guy below was a lot of fun in his pirate suit.

The kids candy gatherer What would a party be without balloonsWe found this guy hanging around along with a few of his cronies.
As it turned out they had a few followers and it turned out to be a real gathering.
And to finish it off here are a few pumpkins that were carved by a youngster we know.
That's it for me guys. I look forward to seeing your spooky. Have a great week.


dibear said...

I'd say you really got into the spirit of Halloween! Nice job. :)

Ed said...

Very,very cool I miss the good ole' days of trick or treating..:-)

colleen said...

I'd say you did a great job!

Shirley said...

That's a happy little pirate! I think someone should feed the guests; they're so skinny their ribs are showing!

Ebie said...

What a cute pirate! Love the carved pumpkins!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lots of terrific creepy things. Very festive. Nicely done!


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