Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday Challenge "The Letter T"

I love my Truck and Trailer, it gives me more opportunity to check out new Trails.
And of course blue, life without this Tractor would be unbearable. Ooooh just the thought of having to switch back to small squares makes my back throb. Yay Blue.
Poor Tucker missing his owner
Not to be left out Sage with her Toy
Although this isn't "T " what it does do is save me a lot of Time.
Well that's it for my submissions, I am going to add some more but I was not the one behind the camera on theses shots. I asked Dave to take some from where he is working, they are interesting and T's. You might want to go get a cup of coffee this post kinda got long.
This is a shot of a Timber Tunnel, it is scary looking in there.

A little cold on the hiney. Brrrrrr I would be holding it as long as possible.
And last, something I find rather sad and forlorn. An old mining Town all boarded up and abandoned, such a shame. People lived , loved, had families, it used to be a thriving community. It makes you wonder where they all went and how different their lives might be if they still had a town there. Oh well give my head a shake ..........a little off Topic or what. Well folks that is it for me. Catch you on Sunday to see what you all came up with.


Ed said...

Very cool, those little tractors are a timesaver alright, and the 4x4 is way cool..:-))

Shirley said...

Oh doesn't Tucker look pathetic! Ad is't that the Tree i the background of the shot of Sage?
Those Tunnel shots are creepy! And I think they should turn the Toilet around so they can have a great view while they do their business!

colleen said...

Love the pics. The last one is a little haunting.

dibear said...

Great shots. The last one gives me a chill.

stansberryphotography said...

Great "T" shots! It looks really cold there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The mining town is so picturesque, though lonely looking. I'd be happy living there.

I enjoyed all your T photos. They were a wonderful representation of your life and the things that you hold dear and make your life more enjoyable.

But what is a Timber Tunnel?


Kate said...

Nice to discover you and your Morgans (one of the horses at our small barn is a Morgan) - and thanks for visiting and for your comments. The mining town is very interesting.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love the last one, actually. The red roofs, snow and sky...beautiful capture...but sad too.

Holly said...

how sad to see the town empty. Great shots tho!

flowerweaver said...

People must pass through that ghost town, or the streets wouldn't be ploughed. It does look forlorn. The Tunnel does look scary, and I agree on the Toilet! Brr. The dog shots are nice. Hope Tucker is reunited soon with his master.

Horses are our Lives said...

I loved the mining town, and the scenery behind it! Yes, feeding that much hay is sure a lot easier with a tractor! What kind looking dogs you have!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I love old mining towns. We have a lot of those scattered throughout Nevada.

lisa said...

I am glad to have come and visited your blog. Nice post! Such a great variety of things. The tunnel is creepy! The mining town is a shame:( I have to say that I am glad to have only a few animals so it doesn't call for big bales! We used to do round bales for the cows and now that we are down to just a couple of beefers for ourselves and family. We don't do the big bales anymore. Thank god!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great T's..I really enjoyed the mining town..I could live there! Looks like the views are fantastic:)

Ann said...

Us it snowing already? I remember my first white Christmas in Canada, It was simply beautiful.

manker said...

here in montana where we got plenty of the white stuff.. and it was brrr... this looks like home :)


gtyyup said...

Good post on "T's"...I was slackin' again. Hopefully I'll get next Sunday.

Really sad about the old mining town...yes, sure makes you wonder about all the folks that used to call it home~

CTG Ponies said...

Very cool pics! The mining town does look very lonely. It really makes you wonder about the people that lived there.

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