Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Shoes Or Boots"

Help !!!!!! This weeks challenge is Shoes Or Boots. I have been having problems with my camera. it won't focus and it won't let me take a picture with the flash on. Umm it is not batteries. So I am taking this opportunity to present the problem to all of you real camera people. The pics below show pretty well what it is doing. I was looking forward to this challenge until my camera started doing this. It has been bonkers for about a week now and it just started doing it out of the blue - one minute it was fine and then it started misbehav' HELP.

Well that's it for me Who would want to look at more anyhow ....just a wee bit hard on the eyes. I do look forward to seeing yours though, so have a great day and type at ya later.


Shirley said...

New camera comes to mind! I like the second shot with Dave's hat.

fernvalley01 said...

My little point and shoot got kinda fiddly for a while ,I let the battery go completley dead then rechagerd and it seemed fine. But I am no camera whiz . Your home looks very cosy with the lovley wood

Crystal said...

not sure, are the settings right. Otherwise Im with Shirley and new camera :)

Ed said...

If its a point and shoot, it could be just plumb wore out, if its in preset program or P mode and its still not working Its done for. If you need some ideas for a new one just ask. I've been really happy with my new Canon SD780is ELPF, 12mp, but it only has a 3,5x optical zoom but it small enough to fit in a shirt pocket whick is great for a riding camera..:-))

Janice said...

I put it in P mode because it wouldn't take a pic unless the flash is off and they all came out fuzzy.It won't even take a pic if it's in auto or any other setting.

Anonymous said...

don't know about the camera. hmmm. I love the shot with the hat, too!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like new camera is so frustrating when something doesn't work.:)

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