Friday, September 17, 2010

What A Day!!

What a day I had. My person came out to do chores just like every morning. After chores were done she did something very strange, she put me and my brother in this weird contraption
and then she closed the gate and put us in her car. I wasn't worried cause I had my brother and she kept talking to us. After awhile we stopped driving and then she carried us into a building. I sure didn't like all the strange smells and there was some dumb dog in there that kept barking and jumping at us..... I was glad I was in that cage. We went into a little room and some strange guy started poking at me. He gave me some shots and it really hurt, I didn't like that man he made me cry ....a lot. After he stabbed me a few times and shoved something down my throat they stuck me back in the cage....then they took my brother, I felt sorry for him because they were going to hurt him too. I watched for awhile and waited for him to cry....he didn't ...I guess that man didn't hurt him. After the man was done with us and we were back in the cage our person went away and left us....hey come back ....we will be good ....please come back......the strange people took us into the back room and then they washed out our ears boy did that hurt. they kept clucking their tongues and saying how bad we were. I don't think we are bad and I can't figure out why everybody thinks so. A bunch of time went by and me and my brother were starting to get scared we were trapped in this cage and didn't know why or what would happen next. One of the strange women came and got us and carried us out the door and much to my relief there was our person she took the cage and was checking us out. She kept saying how good we were and the other lady said so too, that made me feel much better because I never could figure out what we did wrong. When we got back home I got really sick, I felt awful. My person assured me I would feel better in time and she was right .......but boy what a day.


Crystal said...

awww poor kitties!

Legal Hound said...

What is a morgan?

Janice said...

A Morgan is a breed of horse. They have been around for a long time. Have you ever heard the story of Justin Morgan had a horse.It is to involved to try to explain here. If you have time check it out on your computer.Just put in the search bar Morgan or Morgan horse you should get a ton of info.

Sydney_bitless said...

Poor kitties, you gotta get a checkup though.

fernvalley01 said...

Poor kitties!cute picture , you get the best cat shots!

Shirley said...

Do your kittens have names yet? This is such a cute post; she will have to be a regular guest blogger!

Janice said...

Names are Boyz and Girlz, mostly because when they are being talked about that's how it sounds. For example if I were to say the girl's ears were really really bad it sounds like ......Anyhow that's what they are.

Sarah said...

hmmm...I always wonder what's going through their minds when we do things like this to them. Guess I know now! Thank your kitty for sharing. She made an excellent guest blogger!

Ed said...

AWWWW, now thats a cute blog and a great pic..:-)

DayPhoto said...

Cute photo! And I think you captured going to the vet very well!


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