Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Challenge

Ed's challenge for us this week is the letter S, this one was a piece of cake Ssssssssss's abound.
You may need a coffee or lunch or something cause I think I got just a little Silly with this one.
So to start this is this morning's Sunrise.

Then we have our Sat. center, one for TV one for Computer, without this we would be ...well I don't even want to think about that.
Next is Jade and She is Sporting a whole Whack of S's she did a hard day's work because she was a Spoiled brat so she is Stinky with Sweat (which by the way is perfume to my Senses) and she had a pretty good Steam rising too. Along with those S's is my Saddle and Spurs, I don't think you can see my Spurs. I usually have a Slicker tied to my Saddle but Jade bucked it off while she was having her little Spaz attack.
What would a challenge be without my two favorite characters. Sage and her mostly undesired Sidekick. Kali takes this pose quite often, she is waiting for Sage to move so she can grab at her and try to herd her. As you can see Sage works pretty hard to just ignore her.
This is one of my Shadow boxes, made by a fairly talented girl I know.

This is my red machine, it does most of the work around here, without this machine my life would be way more difficult.

And last but certainly not least....she wanted her own spot. Kali ....what a ham Sucking my thumb. Well she's more like chewing it but I guess if I hadn't said anything you would never know. That's it for me fellow bloggers, hope you weren't bored to tears. Have a wonderful I get to go check you all out.


Ed said...

Well done, love the Saddle shot..:-)

Anonymous said...

All great choices. :)

Linda said...

Superbly done!

Judy said...

I like your "S" photos, every one of them! I agree with the perfume of a sweaty horse too. I have two border collies, one who is 10 and one who is 4. The younger one zings all of our other three dogs as they go in or out the door or when ever he gets a chance. Sometimes he heels them and sometimes just grabs. He and the older border collie hate each other as they each believe they should be my one and only dog. I have come home to blood on the wall, torn ears and all kinds of evidence of their fights. However, they work cattle as an awesome team! Go figure!
You asked about Saler cattle and why some of us don't like them. Salers are notorious for poor dispositions. They are not just ornery when they are wanting you to stay away from their calf, they can be ornery all of the time!!
Saler people love that breed though as much as we Angus people love ours! To each his own,I guess!

fernvalley01 said...

Great picks and great fun, you missed onen in that KAli is a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

the sunset is a gogeous photo

Crystal said...

That sunset is very nice! I agree with you about the satelite, we are very dependant on ours. Kali is so big! and so cute!

Shirley said...

Well done! The sunset is a wow shot.Kali sure is getting big! I'm thinking of going to Penny's Thanksgiving weekend to test Sammi on sheep, I'll let you know if it works out.

CTG Ponies said...

Excellent! Love the saddle shot.

DayPhoto said...

I love your sunrise!!!!


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