Thursday, September 9, 2010

Then And Now

My how they grow. These are shots of Kali at I'm not positive but I think about 5 or six weeks. It was at this time I decided against my pick of Emma and went with, at the time an unnamed Kali. Seriously all the pups were this cute....but look at that face, she came home a few weeks later and has been steadily stealing more and more of my heart.

This is now and look how she has grown. I think she looks a lot like her father. I am hoping to go out to the Sheep place soon and will get to see a close -up look at the two of them together...should be interesting.

There is something about this pup and I must tell you it is not just me. We went to visit some Greenhouses and Shirley in Creston last week and people approached Kali and couldn't keep their hands off her, one guy kept taking her face in his hands and telling her how beautiful she is.
Kali is like a magnet and people are drawn to her, I have had two people that are not dog lover's all over her. The response to this pup is always like this and it doesn't matter where she is. Hmm maybe Kali should be trained to be a I'm not sure what you call them....but a Animal/ People go between know visits older lonely /sick people or sick kids. I'm betting this dog could make the crankiest.... meanest....people smile and feel maybe just a little happy.
I know she works for me.


Crystal said...

Wow shes even grown since I seen her, and she is pretty friendly, hard to ignore her when shes around.

IanH said...

Border Collies Rule!

Sydney_bitless said...

What a cutie she is. I would love to pet and scratch her too shes so pretty.

Gail said...

She is one beautiful lady!

Shirley said...

Totally beautiful! You might want to keep her intact, especially if you get her working and she turns out good (of course she will!)

Sydney_bitless said...

ps- What did you mean by my recommendation? For a bitless or??

you can request to be added to the blog list so long as you have minimum 2 posts about bitless on your blog and can find them using the search function.

fernvalley01 said...

What a sweetie! Pet therapy is a wonderful program, or even just for her to visit and seniors home would be lovely

Ed said...

The lil' girl is growing up..:-)

Sydney_bitless said...

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Far Side of Fifty said...

She is just as cute as she can be, she is growing so fast! She would probably make a great therapy dog..Take her into a nursing home she sees automatic doors and walkers and canes and wheelchairs..we took Chance to the home many times when my Mother in Law was there..Chance often licked her tears..and then made her smile. Some dogs are just special that way:)

DayPhoto said...

You make me want a puppy!!! Puppyhood is so short, but so sweet and fun and full of energy!


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