Friday, October 7, 2011

Food For Thought

Here's a first, no pictures. I would have had pics for this post
 ( cause a picture is worth a thousand words) but my camera just wouldn't take any under the lighting conditions. This is an add on post to my previous one about the little holiday.

While in Red Deer for the Canadian Cowhorse Supreme Show,correct me if I'm mistaken on the name ( Working Cowhorse/ Cutting/ Reining) I started to notice something you don't often see in other venues. Shirley and I were in the arena that was hosting the Reining horses, after watching for about an hour or so it became apparent to me that there was a huge gap in horse gender.....the majority of the horses showing were young Fillies or Mares with a smattering of Geldings and a few Stallions.  As a Mare owner I know the value of my girls, they are all heart and work oh so hard to make me happy.Now before any of you start throwing darts at me about how good your gelding is just let me say, the best horse I have ever ridden - owned is a gelding, there is nothing out there with more heart and try than this little horse and after 31 yrs in his company I feel pretty confident uttering that last statement. However to carry on with this train of thought, I have to say I took a fair bit of pleasure in the discovery of how many equine females seemed to dominate this particular venue. I am so tired of hearing comments such as: I would buy this horse if only it was a gelding/ or how about this one We don't allow mares on our Ranch/ To bad it's not a gelding. And some of the drivel about how mares always cause problems( Maybe it's that male mentality that causes problems)  It was a refreshing change to spend time around horse people that are not so uptight and old school  about their thinking when it comes to Equine partners.Anyhow I just wanted to say how nice it was to see so many  Mares being appreciated for what they bring to the table.....or in this case the Ring. As a side note : It was discussed why there were so many Fillies /Mares in all the disciplines shown at the Supreme and the statement that stuck with me most was. .....quite simply put....They work harder and have more oomph (Stallions as well) My own experience with Mares would have me agree. I don't know if this is why nor do I care, I just loved seeing so many good working/riding Mares.  Well that's my little food for thought.

   So before anyone gets offended ....this post is not intended to start a battle about which gender is better, it is just an observation and my own humble opinion.


Annette said...

I love both mares and geldings. They are different, but in good ways. I'd be hard pressed to pick one over the other.

Linda said...

No offense taken. I love a good mare BUT when you have both mares and geldings AND you travel to help on different ranches the geldings always seem to get a bit crazy trying to protect their girls. I always rode a mare and my husband always complained when we were away from home and his geldings acted up. I never realized how bad it was until I was the one riding a gelding. We've since decided to buy good geldings and let someone else keep the good mares that it takes. I do believe that a mare has more heart and often will watch a cow 10 times better. I love to see mares that have been ridden and used before they're put in the brood mare string to and I also believe that people like me should have to pay good money for the geldings that are raised by breeders like this:)

fernvalley01 said...

No offense taken. I beleive the old wives tale about "Marish "behavior is a but overdone. The best horse I ever owned /rode was a mare. And my currrent rock solid awsome pony is a gelding . A good horse is a good horse ,plain and simple

Shirley said...

I like Linda's comment. It usually isn't the fault of the mare but the genetic map of a gelding that causes the grief; they might not be stallions but they still have all the instincts that come with being a male in a horse herd.
I have ridden both, and have had good ones in each gender. The difference I have found is that the mares I have owned have been exceptional compared to the geldings, who weren't really outstanding, although they were good solid mounts. I think for most people a gelding is a really good choice. But I must say, I too was delighted to see all the mares in competition at the Supreme. Winning, too. ;0)

Crystal said...

I too had to ask about this when I first seen all the competetors on mares there, and was told in all the open competitions if you dont have a stallion you better have a mare. Quite often that is what wins there and mares are a lot easier to take care of than a barn of stallions thats for sure. I like my mares, but geldings are ussually easier to get along with. We have 2 now and dont notice a difference in how they act as opposed to the mares. Of course I expect good behavior from my horse no matter the gender or age, so they dont even act silly (unless they are left home and then too bad, lol)

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