Thursday, October 20, 2011

Open Spaces ( Finally Out Of The Arena)

Jade and I finally made it out of the arena, Sunday was the big day. We did a little arena stuff first....just checking to make sure she wasn't into kicking up her heels and being goofy. She was excellent....need not have worried. So from the arena it was time to load up. I don't know what her problem was with that, Jade has always loaded well and never been a problem....something was off?????Needless to say that wasn't tolerated for long,loaded she was and that was that.I took Tucker and Kali with me( Sage just can't do it anymore) I was hoping Tucker would get Kali to follow along....which he did....yay Tucker...he has his moments.
Jade ready to go.
This is what we were looking at as I was finding a Rock for mounting.....yes I have to have help in that department...even with the little guys I have to cheat.....and Jade is not little.
Jade was finding the whole process interesting...which I was quite happy about. This is our first ride out of the arena and also by I was ready for anything.

Kali waiting for us to catch up.I took the opportunity while it presented itself to do a little one on one with Kali....even though Tucker was close by he just doesn't get it...which is OK because I don't care whether he does or not. Kali did really well she is getting the different signs I am using for Wait/ Down/ Come.She is a smart dog, I wish I was a dog trainer....or at least a little more informed than I am now....whatever, it is what it is.

Jade spent a lot of time checking things out which I don't mind long as the body doesn't follow the head and we still have forward motion.She did OK with a few corrections, she was really relaxed and interested in what and where we were going.

I think Jade was finding the scenery as pretty as I was....or maybe she was just looking to see if any of her friends were around.

It was here that Jade was starting to get a little tense and it was here I wondered if she would trust me enough to do what I was asking.You can't see it but up ahead the trail started to go into the trees, they are very close together and it is really dark in there. This trail goes for about 10 mins in the dark before you pop back out into the open and the sun, it was here that I knew the real test was about to begin.....will she trust me? The answer to that question was a yes. She willingly walked into the dark horse eating forest...she was quite tense( poised for flight) but she kept moving forward about halfway through she started crying a bit and then decided nothing bad was going to happen to her.This ride is one big circle so the scenery you see when you start out is the same as when you come back. Shirley ( Ride A Good Horse) might recognize this place ( Stock Dog Trials)

And remember the place I said was for sale and it was only 1,3 something million. Nice view though.

  This last pic Jade was getting a little annoyed with me. (Look at the ears)I was trying to get a picture of how loose her reins were. After coming out of the dark she was totally relaxed ...had not a care in the world, we finished off the ride with me being happy with my dog and happy with Jade's performance.  


Shirley said...

That is such a beautiful place to ride! Next'n'Chickory WILL be hitting the trails.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a succesful ride! And beautiful scenery as well.

MTWaggin said...

Yay Jade and thank you for taking us along on your ride....virtually.

fernvalley01 said...

Yay! whgat a good girl! Beautiful country as well

Sarah said...

she is so pretty and so is your scenery! What a nice ride!

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