Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little Holiday

Leav'n on a road trip.......this was Thurs. morning while I was getting ready to go on a little bit of a holiday with Shirley.( Ride A Good Horse) A BC Sunrise. We were headed to Red Deer for the Canadian Supreme. ( Cutting/ Reining)

This is for sure not a great pic ( Entrance to the National Park) but if you look closely you can see the road runs up and through  a fairly small opening.... ( not sure what you call it)I think it's not much wider than the road.....I wouldn't want to be passing through there when a semi's coming the other way....talk about some kinda phobic!!!!!

The next pics are just random as we go along

Same as the one above but up close so you could see all the yellow going on.

This was some of the stuff I got while we were at the Trade Show........New riding boots which I have been in desperate need of...they were on sale. A new Headstall....you would think that would be an easy one....not so

Now don't anybody rip me a new one but I am a creature of very plain taste. I am not into shiny and gaudy or just plain ridicules THIS IS JUST MY OWN SENTIMENTS / TO EACH THEIR OWN A lot of the tack was pretty heavily decorated and so did not meet my needs....however after looking at every booth  that had tack I finally managed to find this one, it has the quick change for bits and a full buckle for adjusting the headstall size. I only found maybe a half dozen headstalls I liked and this was the only one that had the quick change, everything else was screws or ties....both of which are a royal pain in the !!!! This headstall is made from harness leather so it should last the rest of my lifetime and then some.

The best get though was from a fellow blogger named Sherry. Sherry gave both Shirley and I  her book titled Telling Tails....the only thing better than the book was getting to meet Sherry in person.  You know how when you talk to people on the phone etc (or in this case we type to each other)you get a certain idea of what that person is like....well I had my version of what I thought Sherry would be like and lo and behold the real deal is even better than I thought. I just finished reading her book last night ....it is AWESOME. The stories the poetry and the photos......AWESOME you all need to get one it is AWESOME. I'm not quite sure how you get one but you need to go on over to FERN Valley Appaloosas and find out. Aside from meeting Sherry we also reconnected with Crystal ( Ranch Riding) and Charlene both of them were out here last year for a blogger Ride/Camping week- end. It was really nice to see them again. Unlike the other ladies my camera would not take pics inside that arena so I don't have a group pic to show you.

This last photo was the tail end of an Alberta Sunset, closing out the first day of our little holiday.
It was an interesting two days. I saw some stuff I didn't like ( which I will keep to myself) I saw some beautiful amazing horses and some really talented riders. Overall I really enjoyed most of the show.
I had a good time, it was a much needed breather, I love my life and my routine .......but sometimes you just need a rest. We were only gone for 2 days but it felt like a week, I missed my dogs and horses and the cats( cause they keep me in stitches)  Dave wasn't home or I might have missed him too.


Sarah said...

great pictures adn beautiful scenery! Sounds like a great trip. So cool that you got to meet another blogger! I just love when that happens! And as for that gorge where the road cuts through the rock...if you met us in our truck coming through there I promise you I'd not take more than my fair share of the road. We don't mean to intimidate people. There are a few rotten apples out here drivin' truck, but most of us try to maintain a good relationship with our fellow travelers. But I'm intimidated too when I'm in the pickup or car and meet one of the big guys in tight places! So I sympathize.

Janice said...

Hey Sarah, I didn't mean to say big truck guys are intimidating....(well maybe I am as far as that spot goes)LOL. I think if you were meeting anything coming through there it would make ya want to kinda suck everything in.

Shirley said...

Yeah, it was a much needed holiday on this end too. That sunset photo turned out good!
I'm trying to get Terril interested in working cowhorse.... ulterior motives.... get a chance to work cows here if I can get more people interested!

fernvalley01 said...

Great photos! And the feeling is mutual! It was wonderful to meet you in person too! You ROCK! Glad you enjoyed the book

Crystal said...

Sure was a funn time! Im glad you got to come out for a mini vacation

MTWaggin said...

What a wonderful break and I love the new riding boots! Oh and how about a different approach - not "plain" rather "functional"! LOL Love the pictures and Sherry's book looks very interesting ummm awesome. May have to go find it!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Sounds like a great time.....glad your all home safe.

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