Friday, October 30, 2009

Life Made Easier

Life is made so much easier when you have good equipment. For all the horse owners out there I'm sure you will know exactly what I mean. ( Or anyone that lives where it snows)Doing chores around here is a ritual but when winter comes I used to cringe thinking about all the trudging through snow and ice. Below are pics of what I used to do in the winter as compared to now. Push that baby through 2 or so feet of gets old fast.

This is then

This is now

Would you rather have this

Or this.

This job required both
Before we got this beautiful blue wonder machine we had an old and I do mean old David Brown tractor. Everything was so stiff and near broken that I could barely operate the thing(don't get me wrong something is better than nothing) One winter the old David Brown gave up the ghost and left me with no way to move bales around. Thank goodness we were useing small round bales, they only weighed about 500 or so pounds so I could push them around to where I needed them to be.
A job well done(Dave - Thanks) and one that wouldn't be done without Blue. Being able to move these big squares around really makes life easier, we only bring in a few tons of the small squares now.....much nicer for these old bones. These bales fit into the barn nicely and my old guy is still able to get by to go into his stall.
So having put all these pics together reminded me how lucky I am that my life is made easier by having good equipment and not to be left out ........... Dave.............


Shirley said...

Hay! And Hey! I love your new header; really good job! Love that little snowblower too, hope we don't need one here this winter.... and hope you don't get as much snow as you did in that photo from last winter with Dave snowblowing the roof!

gtyyup said...

Nice new header!

Ah yes...modern equipment (that works) is essential! You get a lot more snow than we do, but the tractor is our #1 implement.

Hope you're stayin' warm~~

Ed said...

Yep, modern equiptment makes like a bit easier..:-))

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