Monday, March 1, 2010

For Lisa ( Laughing Orca Ranch)

Ok I'm back, so now for the story,I will fill in the gaps for those of you that may not know. A while ago now I had a contest on my blog. I couldn't pick a winner so I put everyones name in a hat and drew the winner, that winner was Lisa. I was browsing around looking at some blogs and I decided to go check out Sydney at Bitless Horse Science Vs Tradition (I had been to her blog a few times prior to that) at this time I still hadn't really decided what the prize to my contest was going to be. Sydney's post that day turned out to be items that she makes from horsehair, I found it very interesting and the photos she used to show her stuff were right away I knew where the prize was going to come from. My next step was to get in contact with Sydney which obviously I did and we discussed what I was interested in. Now this is where it starts to get interesting....I told her what I wanted and she agreed no problem , all I had to do was send her the horsehair and away she would go. At some point in our discussion I told her the item was going to be a contest prize and I told her who the winner was, when Sydney heard who the winner was she offered to make the item at no charge is that not amazing!!!!!!!! It has been awhile now that this has been in the works and I am still just as floored now as I was then.....what a wonderful thing to do......people really do stuff like that.......amazing. So Lisa I'm sure you have some idea about what people think of you but if ever you have doubts just think about it for a few seconds and I think they will be dispelled. I can't show you a picture of your prize here but if you go to Sydney's blog she has a pic up of it. Yours is the one on the right. Now it turns out that Sydney and Lisa know each other. I'm not quite sure how it goes but it has something to do with a pay it forward thing. Maybe Lisa can fill in the blanks after she reads this.
Another thing that was pretty cool was that Lisa had asked Sydney for a Mirror Hang.....and that's what I had asked Sydney to make so I thought it was pretty neat that her prize was going to be something that she had actually asked for. I thought it was funny that Lisa would be reading Sydney's blog and watching her Mirror hang being made and she wouldn't have any idea it was hers.I was hoping to see more of the process as it was being made but that Sydney is one busy woman,I don't know how she finds time to do anything. This is the photos of the two contributors to your Mirror hang. The first is old man he is 34 this spring ,I have been privledged to be his person for 31 years he is more special to me than I could ever express in words....good thing to because if I could you would all think I was a wing nut....anyhow the second is my riding mare Mattie ( Mattea)( Morgan) funny some people think Tex has Morgan?
At any rate Lisa you will be receiving your prize in the near future....betcha thought you were never going to get it. I hope you like it Lisa. To Sydney all I can say is thank you for your generosity it was a wonderful thing to do and I think you are a very rare person. To you that read my blog you may want to check out Sydney's and see what other beautiful things she makes. I liked her stuff so much while she was making Lisa's I had her make one for me as well, now I have a keepsake from two of my horses. If anyone would like to see or Contact Sydney go to Thanks again Sydney.


Mrs Mom said...

Oh this is most excellent!!! Lisa is going to be GIDDY!! And you are bang on right- we all love her very much!! ;)

Wow... 31 years owned by such a fine horse. Way to go!!

fernvalley01 said...

So cool ! what a wonderful gift , no wonder you are excited!

Sydney said...

What a handsome old man! I didn't see his picture before.

I do nice things for people all the time and in return nice things happen to me. Treat others how you would like to be treated and it indeed does come back to you.

Shirley said...

Those are great photos of Tex and Mattie. Love his perfect little ears! Lisa is a lucky girl, and she deserves this prize.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Ranchman John just ran up the stairs, worried about me and asking, "What's wrong. Are you ok??" I was reading Sydney's blog.

I stopped over here first, after I saw the comment left for me from Shirley, over at my blog. She said to hurry on over here.
I read your blog post, and was so surprised and so excited. And so touched. I started to cry.

And then I hurried over to Sydney's blog to see what you were talking about and that's when the dam broke, full-on in a rush!

I was crying tears of sadness and tears of happiness. I'm just so overwhelmed with emotions right now. I can't even begin to tell you how much you have touched my heart in such a big way. This past year has been such a tough one for me. I don't think I could have come through it all without you and so many other blogger friends.

The mirror hang is gorgeous! Right now I just have a dusty old dream catcher hanging off my car mirror. I can't wait to replace it with the beautiful horsehair mirror hang.
What makes it even more special is knowing that your horses' hair went into making it.
Texas has the cutest little perky ears and the sweetest looking eyes I've ever seen. I hope to have a special relationship with a horse for even half as many years as you have had with him.
And Mattie is so pretty and seems like such a lady.
I will always smile fondly and remember you and your beautiful horses everytime I see the Mirror Hang, Janice.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Janice. You are a dear friend.



DayPhoto said...

I got goose bumps just reading all the comments and your blog post. Life really is good and there really are wonderful people out there.

I love your two horses! They are both beautiful. People who never have animals, of any kind, never understand nor experience the beauty of animal love and the intelligence of who they are.

Wonderful uplift blog post!


gtyyup said...

That's just cool every way around!!! Congrats Lisa and how sweet of Sydney! Her work really is gorgeous!

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