Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something Green

Yay something alive and growing. Here are some pics of my first batch of babies for the Greenhouse. Finally I planted something, I haven't felt very inspired lately....winter douldrums....it felt so good to do something familiar and something I'm good at.....well I think I am? Anyhow it just feels great to be back in the Greenhouse.
This container is a sun loving Begonia(mostly sun - no late afternoon sun) Apricot. In with it are an orange Black - eyed Susie as well as a White. ( Thunbergia)
These are Double Red Gazania with Spring Fling Pure Yellow and Deep Red Callibrocae, ( Trailing)remeber what they look like now and I will do some pics later on when stuff has really grown.
Here are some pics of the sheer tenacity of flora. These are plants that survived the winter in the greenhouse, they had heat but no water and some of them are under tables so they couldn't have got much in the way of condensation....plus it did freeze in there once and the temp was very low. This is Kennelworth Ivy a crazy plant that will survive anything I think.
This is Electric Burgundy Petunia and Silver Nettle, there is enough of it there to take some cuttings, amazing and this is under a table so pretty tough stuff freezing and no water. And last but not least some pansies, these always make me smile no matter what.....the happy plant!!!!!


Sydney said...

Lucky lucky you! Everything here is still yellowy brown.

fernvalley01 said...

SO pretty ! I will likely be starting some veggies indoors soon

Shirley said...

Yay, planting time for you! Won't be long now and spring will be bustin' out all over!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! How exciting! And it's so wonderful to see pretty flowers and plants that are ssuch survivors. They give us hope.

I'm glad you're finding time to do some things you enjoy. I love the smell of a greenhouse when everything is growing. That damp earthy smell is so invigorating.


Sarah said...

how nice to be able to play in the dirt again! I look forward to seeing all the blooms when they arrive!

DayPhoto said...

Lucky, Lucky you! I have ALWAYS wanted a green house! Oh go enjoy! And share with us through amazing photos.


denisbc said...

Nice to see the greenhouse putting forth. I think I need some of that Kennilworth Ivy to climb my balcony wall? Good stuff!

Rising Rainbow said...

Boy! I would love to have a green house. I'm very jealous. LOL

cdncowgirl said...

Leaving you something on my blog. The post will be up Friday morning :)

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