Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

That should be my name A Day Late and A Dollar Short, that seems to be the story of my life. Our Sunday Challenge was titled "A day In The Life "I got sidetracked with Greenhouse builder people and the day went by before I knew it. Anyhow this is my life....pretty much in a nutshell.
This is how my day starts.Horses in front get fed first, then go get the Quad and feed the group over by the barn.

Then down to the Greenhouse to stoke the stove and check on Gr house temp. see if anything needs water right away.
Then back up the house for another coffee, and feed the two dogs outside, and last but certainly not least Sage comes in too for her breakfast.

This is my rountine everyday,twice a day (no coffee in the evening) pretty predictable....I'm like the mailman .......rain- hail -snow -sleet- whatever the weather I deliver. So there you have it A Day In The Life.


Shirley said...

Looks a little wet there too! It's nice to see stuff growing in the greenhouse; did you get the plastic up on the new one?

Janice said...

No they ran into some problems and it took them awhile to iron them out. They got the end gables on. and it's a lot more level now as well.

IanH said...

Wow, can I relate to this post! Add feed and water the chickens,and you pretty much have my day too!

2manyhorses said...

Pretty much ditto for my day except Brian does the evening chores while I do the cooking and cleaning.
Nice to see the plants in the greenhouse....makes me believe that summer is coming!

DayPhoto said...

Your greenhouse is wonderful! Are you planning on selling items are they just for you?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a simple, but fulfilling life. And WOW! Just look at all that green growing in the greenhouse! That was fast!
Do you keep the stove going all day and night? Do you turn it off once the threat of freezing is over?

I'm just so impressed. I have such a brown thumb. I am amazed with folks who are able to grow things so easily.


Janice said...

Yes the stove goes all day and night and then later in the Spring when it's warm enough it will get shut down.

Ed said...

I hear ya my day is pretty routine too. You have a fantastic greenhouse! :-)

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